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Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery Course by Gordon Ramsay

"I want to teach you how to cook good food at home. By stripping away all the hard graft and complexity, anyone can produce mouth-watering recipes. Put simply ...

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Does anyone know the difference between the "Ultimate Cookery Course" and "Home Cooking"? They both have the same cover picture, and I'm wondering if they're compliments of the other, just another name for the same book, or what. Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks.
Just watched the first show and I am very impressed,especially the Asian style dishes.You have knocked it out of the park again Chef Ramsay.I am looking forward to seeing all the shows,thank you.
No fluffing about with this guy! I love it ! Straight to the point and the best Cooking instructions ill ever get i'm sure ,," Put Simply" Thank you Gordon Ramsay.
"Home Cooking" is the US reprint of "Ultimate Cookery Course" in which the measurements and temperatures have been converted for American readers.
This is cooking for people with brains. Thank you, Gordon Ramsay, for changing my life! I
I love this series! He actually teaches you a lot instead of "THIS THAT BING BANG DONE!"
Love it, love it, love it. Hopefully I can find the book at the bookstore.
How many fucking shows does this man have!!! Are they all fucking clones!
no swearing? what's the point of the show?
Can I get this book in Singapore? Cheers!
He's always so animated.
Where did you watch it?

Guillaume Brahimi and the Great Barrier Feast

In July 2012 Guillaume Brahimi will be the headline at the Great Barrier Feast on Hamilton Island. Now in its third year this unique event offers foodies an ...

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Seriously Very Proud we have the Worlds best chefs here in our Australia BRAVO +Marianna (Marijana) Mándresz 
+Jacqueline Weise Little Israel in Victoria waits you my Friend Just heaven to go for Coffee on Sundays and eat all the Nice pastries and cakes
+NaneArmenianWarGoddess + that hope we very my friend!
+Jacqueline Weise My Dear Friend Australia Awaits you you be my Guest especially Victoria capital of multicultural Diversity . +Marianna (Marijana) Mándresz Yes LOL Manu Fidel another famous French chef in our Homeland
good to know my friend!good eat is always good!
+Marianna (Marijana) Mándresz Now Looking for Manu Fidel's Video
+Marianna (Marijana) Mándresz AMEN Sis How great having many French Swiss Much more Famous Chefs in our homeland what is their about us that is not to like too bad for people who dont

How To Cook Moules Mariniere

Watch How To Cook Moules Mariniere from the pioneers of how to videos. This informative video will give you informative instructions to guarantee you get good ...

Pantry Master Class with Adam D'Sylva

Adam D´Sylva´s restaurant Coda has Melbourne foodies talking, much of the buzz is due to interest in the career of this 31-year-old, who was The Age Good ...

Creelers Smoked Products - Hot Smoked Salmon - Great Taste Awards 2015 Top 50

Slowly roasted on the Isle of Arran in an oven full of whisky smoke, Creelers' “vibrant and bold” hot smoked salmon charmed judges with its “moist, meaty” ...

Margot Henderson - You're All Invited

Margot Henderson's first cookbook will completely change the way we think about entertaining and family food. Want to cook dinner for fifteen? Have fifty people ...

Simon Hopkinson

Simon Hopkinson chats with The Winesleuth (Denise Medrano) about his food and wine matching philosophy.

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lol thumb this video up if you came from rooster teeth
This guy has the hots for GAVIN XD
Gavin :P

Easy Paleo Salmon Salad | Gluten Free in 5 Minutes | #GF5M

Quick and easy to make, this salmon salad is the one thing I eat almost everyday. Packed with protein and flavor, this dish will make you feel as good as it tastes.

Food•Notes: Butter Beef

Chef Jeremy from Swiss-Garden Golf Resort & Spa at Damai Laut demonstrates how to prepare The Blossom's signature dish Butter Beef. Ingredients • ½ tsp ...

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That's not butter beef.. that's margarine beef.
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