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1984 cadillac coupe deville engine Videos

1984 Cadillac Coupe Deville

Cadillac, Coupe, 1984, 1984 Cadillac,1984 coupe deville , Caddy, Coupe Deville, Lac, 22's , 180 spoke, Spoke rims, Rim,

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This Is Ta All My Homie's Who Ain't Got Shit! .. I Gotta Hold That Shit Down , 503 FOR LIFE!! .. Smoke So Much I'll Get Cataracts !! Stay Up On the Block Only Fuck Wit The CADILLACS !! .. Young Thug! 22's Stay Rollin All Blue, New Leather With The Wood Grain Ballin!!!
naa.. Just Put thos Thangs On Playa !! ..Like a New pair of Kicks .. no rub Thos muthafuckas fit like a Glove !!
@Tiffany1249 .. Naw .. i didn't Lift it .. That Shit Was ment Ta fit ...lol , 22's Should fit on your 92 Tho ..
I LOVE THOSE RIDES !!! very rare where i live !! when i retire im gonna get me a oldschool and ride clean ;)
@AChozenSunn Thanks Homie .. Keep Hold'N That Shit Down .. Stay Pimpin !!
@7782937 Ill Upload Another Video .. I just Wanted ta get it Posted up ..
damn, mines a peice of shit. pre-project mode. this gives me inspiration
22s look real good on it. im probley just gonna put 20s on mine tho
@LIJE503 you sitll gonna upload another vid? peace out!
that boy is clean, I wanted to see a wide shot though
That's nice I got a 90 brougham on 20 inch 100 spokes
Clean throw a classic Cadillac grill on it

Faraone Engines Twinturbo 472

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any car can cruise on the street but..but this beast can run freely on the street since it's built for str8 line
well that was the gayest video ive seen! and was it filmed with brick?

2401 CHA 1984 Cadillac Eldorado

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Cadillac Coupe Deville

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