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Syracuse university arts and sciences core Videos

A Community Engagement Conversation with Zenetta Drew

On March 18th, 2013, Syracuse University's Janklow Arts Leadership Program and Le Moyne College's Arts Administration Program hosted a Community ...

Women Techmakers Summit - The Path to Engineering Leadership featuring Kimber Lockhart

Meet industry leader Kimber Lockhart as she shares about the path to becoming a leader in engineering. Kimber Lockhart is the Senior Director of Engineering ...

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ARCH 4605 Sustainable Architecture: the Science and Politics of Green Building

Jonathan Ochshorn talks about his Spring 2011 elective course at Cornell University (ARCH 4605 Sustainable Architecture: the Science and Politics of Green ...

Notre Dame's Digital Media Center: Cutting-Edge Technology with Traditional Values

At the core of the University of Notre Dame is an aspiration to become a preeminent research university with a distinctive Catholic mission and an unsurpassed ...

La Salle College High School Profile

Inspired by three centuries of the distinctive spirituality of the Christian Brothers, La Salle educates the whole person, developing young men in their unique ...

BK Brainstorm: From Alabama to Ferguson: How does LGBTQ fit into #BlackLivesMatter?

BK Brainstorm is BRIC's coverage of Brooklyn-centric talks, panel discussions and other community happenings. Here we visit Brooklyn Community Pride ...

CSUSB Human Performance Laboratory Tour

This is the Human Performance Laboratory at California State University, San Bernardino. This video gives a brief overview of the main equipment of the ...

Sye Ten Bruggencate's Presuppositional Apologetics Refuted - Part 1: The (im)possibility of God

Part 1 of probably very many parts dealing with the presuppositional apologetics of Sye ten Bruggencate (and his loyal apprentice Eric Hovind). The individual ...

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KnownNoMore I want to share my below logic with you for your opinion. Sye’s foundation is the same as an atheists in that…. If we were to ask Sye if it is impossible that he never developed reason or logic, he was born incapable being born into a hallucination and only thinks that he has ever had a divine revelation of god but actually has not. Wouldn’t he, if being intellectually honest, admit that it is possible. And if that is possible then by his own logic it would also be possible that he is wrong about everything he knows. His world view no better addresses this than the people he has debated and trapped with this.
+Trevor T You are right. But there is no way to use the argument against them because they refuse any argument that deviates from the script. He KNOWS rather than believes. His mind could never IMAGINE contact with god. He has actual contact with god and he knows it because god told him. End of argument.
Why does anybody give Bruggencate this much credit? Why even entertain his argument enough to do a video series about it? He plays word games and never answers direct questions. He's not worth the trouble.
+V I guess some people and the author of this video like to expose Sye for what his style of apologetic really is. Which in my mind is just word games, for it to work you have to already accept that a god exists not gods but a single Christian god. Also known as indoctrination into Christianity......... Love your channel subbed for a few years now.
You drew the conclusion that "In order to talk about the possibility of X, one needs to have some understanding of X" because of your reasoning. If you can't justify that your reasoning is valid apart from itself, your argument holds no weight, period. You're borrowing the validity for your ability to reason from the christian worldview because without it you would not be able to justify that your argument could be absolutely true.
In essence you must either agree that it is possible for you to not know anything at all, or agree that you are borrowing the validity for your ability to reason validly from the christian worldview. If you deny this simple truth, you are simply denying truth.
So hang on, I'm having trouble following. How does this not just end up being a claim to personal incredulity?
+TheATJD"I'm arguing his entire first claim."You mean you're arguing against the claim, "I don't understand what your God is"?If your response to this is "How do you know you don't know what my God is," you should watch the rest of the playlist, and then use your head.Also, you should quit the "How do you know that" game. We all know you guys are talking about epistemology and ask this over and over to get your opponent to talk about their foundation for knowledge. Just cut the crap and ask, "What's your foundation for knowledge?"
+BarbecueSlop That's like saying: "this is my only car. It is green. My only car is red."and me saying: "that violates the law of non-contradiction"  and then you saying: "well let's just ignore that for now and move on, assuming my only car is red, and that my only car is green."
+BarbecueSlop I'm arguing his entire first claim. You can't tell me to just 'accept' this as true and blindly move on to see what else he has to say (assuming I 'accepted' the fallacy that IS THIS first claim) until you FIRST argue my claim that it's not. Debate doesn't work like that.
+TheATJDOh hello, Mr. Presup. Looks like you're trying to take after Sye. Perhaps you should watch the entire playlist before commenting since everything you said has already been addressed. Have a nice day =)
+BarbecueSlop One would follow with "How do you know that you don't understand what this God is?"    The point is, he can't, unless he borrows validity of his ability to reason from the christian worldview. If he continues in the atheistic worldview his answer (if he's intellectually honest), would be "I use my senses and reasoning '(or whatever you want to call it)' in order to validate that i KNOW for certain that I don't understand what God is". The next question would be "How do you know that your senses and reasoning are valid in order to validate that you KNOW for certain that you don't understand what God is?"  Here's the point. Without borrowing from the christian worldview, you cannot logically claim to know anything for certain, and if you cannot know anything for certain, you cannot know if you cannot know anything for certain.
because personal incredulity is when you say, "I don't understand, so it's probably not true." That's not what the author of this video is saying.The author is answering the question, "Is it possible God exists," and his response is, "I can't even answer that question because I don't understand what your God is."

Oramed Granted Patents in Japan and Canada for its POD™ Technology for the Oral Delivery of Proteins

JERUSALEM, October 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ORMP) (//www.oramed.com), a developer of oral drug delivery systems, ...
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