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Syracuse university citrustv Videos

CitrusTV News April 7, 2016

Anchors Jacob Reynolds and Topher Lane cover the details of Syracuse University paying millions to the city, fires across Arizona and California, changes with ...

Iyer falls in Syracuse SA election | CitrusTV News

Hari Iyer, Syracuse University Student Association presidential runner-up, reflects on his campaign after falling to his opponent Jon Barnhart. CitrusTV's Stacy ...

CitrusTV Noticias en espanol

Visit //www.citrustv.net for more. This is the pilot episode for CitrusTV Noticias en espanol, Syracuse University's first-ever Spanish television news broadcast ...

User Comments

Im learnin spanish aswell and I would like to know what is ment by the following worlds: "acompañalnos" "jeferendo" "jeforma" "salvadol" "sultados" "shaves" "lalgo" " jeformas" "El Slavadol" "satisfesho" "jeelegido" " jeunieron" " jeelegido" "jegresamos" " puelto jico" "jesidentes" "miones" "aumental" .and so on.. thanks
Soy una estudiante de espanol y espero para aprenderlo mas. Para mi es bueno mirar a estos videos porque necesito que tener la oportunidad de esuchar a algo solamente en espanol rapido. Gracias para se pone esto video en youtube!
awesome, I'm in the same case, I hace to create a newscast in English I'm not a native speakers, I speak Spanish well, great job chao
I'm a Spanish student also; fun to watch and pick out the occasional word!
Woo! For somebody studying Spanish, this is good to listen to ;D
Great job. Thanks for sharing the video with us.
yayyyyyyy paloma!
Buen video :)

Citrus TV Somali-Bantu Clothing Drive.mov

Syracuse University's Citrus TV's collecting clothing for local Somali-Bantu refugees to keep them warm this winter.
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