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Syracuse university earrings Videos

Coachella Inspired Makeup Tutorial | Lizzie Perkins

Hey guys, my newest video is now up!! and i'm so excited for you all to see since its a makeup video! Coachella themed. i really wish i could go but you know, ...

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+Alexis O thank you! and yeah
I love this video and your channel!
+Amanda Nielsen thank you! and yeah we can
lovely! sub4sub?!

Peyote Man and Jungle Combat with Bob Dann - BYD & Friends Pt.5

Entrepreneurial Marketing Etsy Promo.mov

How to Make Blondies : Creating The Checkerboard For Baking Blonde Brownies: Part 2

How to create the checkerboard effect for blonde brownies; get expert tips on baking homemade dessert recipes in this free cooking video. Expert: Helen ...

Stud: A Play Exploring Black Male Masculinity and Sexuality

Ryan Hope Travis, the director of Syracuse University's Community Theater Initiative, explains his role as the creator and mastermind of Stud, a play that ...

Happy Hippy Family - The Sims 4 CAS

Welcome to my #SimVarietyProject, where I'm challenging myself to make as many varied sims as possible. This will include children, teens, adults AND ...

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Hey lovelie! :D Omg I love your intro! How did you make that? :) Yasmin is so beautiful! She is my fav I think :D. Well I'm KyCoolz here on YouTube and I'm a fellow simmer too! :D ^____^ I make sims video's too! :) If you have the chance could you check out my channel? I would love to have you come and check out my channel!
+KyCoolz thanks hun :D Will definitely pop over to see your stuff soon :DThe intro I made using a combination of Photoshop images, an animated plumbob gif, and a recorded clip of the Sims EA Intro from Sims 3 :) Very proud of it :3
omg they is so cuteee i love them and your thumbanil i amazingggggg subbed !! mind checking out my channel
+AsKellsee Hehe thanks so much! Will certainly pop over and come watch yours soon :D

Babe in a Manger - Euphonium Duet

Featuring Sarah Spencer and Brenda Conley on euphonium. The SU Brass Ensemble performs "Babe in a Manger," arranged by Chris Mallett, in historic ...
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