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Syracuse university eho Videos

Protecting Your Public, Part 2

Part 2 of the Environmental Health Orientation. The purpose of this video is to introduce and explain the scope of work being done by environmental health ...

Stanford Seminar - Aleksandra Sarcevic of Drexel University

"Supporting Fast-Reponse Medical Teams through Interactive Information Displays" -Aleksandra Sarcevic of Drexel University This seminar series features ...

RM Week 2014 - Roles and Responsibilities of Safety Representatives

Safety plays an integral role in the responsibilities of any risk manager. Safety however presents itself as many different faces, and many of those faces fall ...

Cardinal Cam: Erin Davis

Erin Davis is a second year graduate student at the School of Public Health and Information Sciences.

Democracy Now March 22 2012 Comment from Marty Cobenais, IEN, during Interview with Bill McKibben

Dear Governor Cuomo: Citizens rally in Ithaca and share their message to the governor

Ithaca, NY, July 10, 2013. Bird dogging Andrew Cuomo and pointing the way to a renewable energy future over a fossil fuel dead-end, citizens assembled ...

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My cousin and I were there. She is the one who compared fracking fluid to rattlesnake poison. If Cuomo views this video, he will see what he missed while he was inside that building. He should see it. Everybody should do their part to stop fracking.
A globalized ban on fracking was proposed. A report of a well pad shut down in the Moshannon State Forest in Pa, and a fracking chemical site in N.C. also shut down. I am guessing these things are not widely reported.
Great to see all the support for no-fracking of NY--
I am hoping that Cuomo will see this.

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