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Syracuse university nike lacrosse camp Videos

LAS @ Rhino Lacrosse Camp: Ryan Powell Dunks Krieg... BANG!

Syracuse Lacrosse great Ryan Powell dunks Lax All Stars' Krieg Shaw in the dunk tank at Rhino Lacrosse Camp in West Linn, Oregon. This causes Brian ...

Nike Lacrosse: Fast or Last

There are teams that want to stall so they won't fall behind. And there are teams out there to fast to give a damn. You're either Fast or Last. #fastorlast.

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@celticlaxer2 A) Nike owns STX so their equipment is dope. B) This ad is awesome and Ryan Powell is smart enough to understand the game I think.... This ad is to create interest. Look around man people love all the things that not everybody can have. Its everywhere high value consumer goods (Cars, jewelry), clubs, organizations, hell its even in Lacrosse Camp titles and travel team names - Peak 100, Elite 180 Lacrosse Camp, Faceoff Club, The Lacrosse Academy.
@celticlaxer2 Very few of those camps/teams are composed of ALL ELITE Players (some are) many take those titles to create value and desire in peoples minds. They want to be apart of the best! That is what this ad is doing, creating interest by saying "Our sport is for the best period..." Nike is saying the same thing about their brand. Its a strategy. Obviously there is a time and place for "slowing down the game".
They forgot to mention that those who are dumb enough to always play fast will fall to those who are fast AND smart enough to know when to use it and when not. It's time to stop pandering to those who don't understand the game and start educating so that people can appreciate the game in its entirety. And, Nike, before you start getting preachy, how about putting out some actually original equipment first?
jakeisabamf93 no still 10 on 10 still played outside with same rules and longsticks. Not box lacrosse just would make the current game a lot more fast paced, entertaining and would drastically increase the growth of the sport onto a "major sport level". I play box, my idea is simply taking elements of both field and and box simply to make the game more entertaining
@TizzleSTX fair enough my apologies, I meant you have some partnership together where you are helping produce Nike's equipment? better? If you do not then you had better start monitoring the web better because I found numerous sources saying there was some sort of partnership there. Regardless, my point below was about the marketing aspect.
Preach on Rhino.....However, regardless of the fact that the shot clock is great and innevetable. The zone defense is killing lacrosse. The MLL took care of that issue by adding the two point line which forces teams to actually be men and stretch out and play real D. Could you imagine if basketball never added the 3 point line?
lol guess who was being sarcastic. this guy. try reading a joke, and not laughing if you dont want to, and moving in instead of being an arrogant asshole.
how did they stay there so long? when I was taking a fo I was called for jumping the gun because i was too fidgity.
hahhahahaha my friends brother plays defense for them! haha we always make fun of him too! lol
Actually, that's about what half of the Youtube population does. You're not very intelligent.
yeah but thats the way my actual legal name is pronounced. now you look really stupid
lol it was one of the Powell bros...idk how much more lacrosse you want Mcdoucherson
life lesson: realize no ones dumb enough to comment on a video without watching it.
i love how adding flavour to bong water is in the suggestions for a lax videohaha
I love Lax, but this commercial sucked. Too much talking and not enough Lacrosse.
Well then, you have no right to make a comment. Now you just look stupid.
life lesson: never say brah or jelly. makes you sound like a faggot
nikelacrosse, would u recommend the nike dunk head for face offs?
guys the slow he is talking about is baseball lets me real here
get the blade pro, the dunk pinches too much then gets illegal
60 second shot clock shorten the field make goals smaller!
No, fast or last. Did you not even watch the commercial?

X10 Lacrosse Summer Camp

X10 Day Camp, Co-ed ages 7-12 June 16-20 2014 X10 CO Co-ed ages 10-16 July 28-8/1 2014 X10 ADK Co-ed ages 10-16 August 18-23 2014 Sign up at ...

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Boys excited to get back to X10 this summer! It's gonna be awesome. See you soon! Bringing San Diego to the mountains...The Bonebrake Family (great video, Chris!)
LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lacrosse Camp

Lacrosse Camp The David Auday lacrosse camp held at the broomfield county commons park.

Xcelerate Lacrosse Camp - Car Trick Shot

xcelerate lacrosse camp car trick shot in texas by bill mcglone.

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@jnini21 the purple faries were trash. Blackhawks won because their defence was tight (and Keenin, however you spell his name, was a boss). During the last game the outlaws guy got pissed at us, flung his stick at the sideline, and stormed off. Good times:)
its wasnt just keenin is was also me, their star middie and drew their star attack
When did yall do this cause i was there and didnt see it???
Go B.A.'s (a.k.a. "Bad Ass")
Hahaha......I was there:)

John Hopkins lacrosse camp

What happens at night in John Hopkins.

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this is the video: "fuck fuck fuck shit, best video, fuck red bull shit are you recording fuck shit aughhhhhh fuck shit"
I'm over at Cornell this summer and I've gotta concur
this is gonna be the worst video on youtube
You kids are faggots

Lacrosse Evolutions Pinnacle Camp 2009

Pinnacle is the premier camp in Chester County. Staff includes Johnny Christmas, Kyle Sweeney, and Brian Dougherty. It is a 3 part lacrosse camp with offense, ...

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Went there it was the best.
this is sweeeet!

West Point lacrosse camp

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