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Carly simon daughter Videos

Rare Audio! Sally Taylor w/mom Carly Simon LIVE

Carly Simon appears live with her daughter Sally Taylor on Sally's song SPLIT DECISIONS. A song originally released on Sally's 2000 album 'Apt #6S' ...

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This was recorded at the Bottom Line on 5-18-2000. Carly was in the audience and she joined Sally on stage briefly. It seemed like a surprise that she was there. Rained heavily that day;) jackygage
I liked hearing this again after all these years, over 15 years. Hard to believe. I'm glad you made a video of this Bill!
I love Sally's voice and style. And I always love hearing Carly.
Sally's music is fantastic. I have her albums and LOVE them.
" es hermosa esta Sally Taylor y canta muy bonito "

Politically Incorrect with Rock Stars daughters (2000)

with Bijou Phillips (daughter of John Phillips of The Mamas and the Papas), Sally Taylor (daughter of James Taylor and Carly Simon), Leah Wood (daughter of ...

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Just an FYI especially to Vanesa who felt it necessary to say they all had half a neuron between and that they were whores. As a die hard James Taylor fan, (Sally's dad) I can tell you he is incredibly bright and insightful person. Her Mom Carly Simon, is a bit neurotic but very warm, funny and did a great job raising Sally and Ben. As for being stupid, Sally graduated from Brown University with honors and a few short years afterwards married her husband Dean. She had a son 6 years ago and is still happily married. In my opinion, they are just a group of girls that have had similar upbringings and are acting silly - encouraged by the forum and Bill Maher's provocative questions.
look at bijou she never graduated fuck didnt go high school i mean who da fuck is she 2 judge n say her sisters mckenzie is stupid for telling world bout father now she dosent even talk 2 her fuck u bitch ur spoiled brat ur sister luved u n now u leave her u slut bijou u believe in scientalogy but not ur sister fuck u bitch go 2 hellll!!!!ur reallly lucky 2 have a sister like her sounds she sis is better than ur mom who calls u illiterate fuck u bitch,./.ur crazy 4 not supporting ur sis'fuck u
ive seen a photo of rod Stewart & ron wood 'kissing', but it isnt gay, its just affection in the UK. it was in rolling stone magazine, they are old friends. well, has Kimberly Stewart heard about the sperm in stomach rumor? where is the end of this broadcast? Where is the rest of it? Keith Richards was not that bad. they are typical giggly teenage girls...I think. maybe in there 20's. what kinda pants is Leah Wood wearing? too bad you dont have the beginning walk on...
@2112murphy incest John Phillips of The Mamas and the Papas In September 2009, John's daughter Mackenzie Phillips claimed in a new memoir, High on Arrival, that she and her father had a ten-year incestuous relationship. She stated that the relationship began when she was 18 years old in 1979, after Philips raped her while they were both under the influence of heavy narcotics on the eve of her first marriage. WIKIPEDIA
i have frank zappas son and widow & chyna Kanter and Paul Kanter on this show on VHS!!!
2:00 John Phillips (musician) //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Phillips_(musician)
yes keith is a little crazy Leah Wood is sexy here
4:38 there is a photo in rolling stone magazine
All these whores together make a half neuron.
sally taylor is an amazing singer/songwriter.
"uncle Keith" tells different in his book
god.. so obnoxious talking over each other.
these girls are sitting very comfortably
Sally Taylor looks like Portia Derossi.
4:47 sally taylor is so beautiful.
hey quote whore that was uncalled for
They have an almost sibling dynamic.
@turnipgreen17 sometimes they mumble
Sally Taylor is prettier.
where is the rest of it?

Carly Simon - This Morning

Official Website: //www.carlysimon.com Theme Song for CBS Morning Show - Carly wrote and recorded this song for them in 1996. Daughter, Sally Taylor ...

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If I could choose a hand to hold it would be yours this morning I watched you rise an ancient smile breaking across your face And if you’ll take my hand this morning If you will take my hand this morning you’ll make the rest of my day. Open the gates and lead me through to the places I will go with you. We’ll sing with the singers sail with the sailors Jump as high as we dare We’ll dance with the dancers Weep with the weepers Stay a little late at Fair And when the lamp is lighted You’ll guide me by the hand To the evening star to lead me to the night where I’ll dream with the dreamers And breathe the softest songs Til I hear you whisper and I see your morning light And if take my hand once more if you will take my hand this morning You’ll make the rest of my day If I could choose a hand to hold If I could hold your hand this morning
@coralprincess25I know what you're talking about when you mentioned that old, blurry VHS tape, but I wish you had the whole of that Carly Simon singing ep. to place it on here! The whole show (in parts) would've been great. We could've also saw a little more Jane, Mark, Jose, and Craig.
This song makes me so happy and the lyrics makes my spirit soar. You are a poet. I have this on an old, blurry VHS tape but it cuts off before the "CBS" at the end. I was pleased to see you adding it to the collection here!~HappyJan~
this song really scores way up there with me. thank you so much for putting it out here for the world to know and love....and please, keep those rare gems coming. i know you've got zillions of them. i just know it.
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@silvertonejones Your brother appeared to be a young Mark Ballas from DWTS in this video! I wished I had a full episode of "This Morning" from the Robelot/McEwen era!
I can't get all the words from this song, but if anyone caught the lyrics, can someone let me know if you have any of them, respond them to me!
@vermeijs Do you know the lyrics to this song, if so, let me know, and I'll provide you with my e-mail address!
Thanks for posting this... I always loved this song! Go Carly!!!
Gracias Carly, como siempre bella, romántica e inteligente.
new to me ;) You look so playful and fun to be around
That was an unexpectedly sweet surprise song! Thanks
Good job by 'Larry David' on percussion.
Neat!! never seen this before
So very extra Superb.
@ :10--2" tape! :-)

MOCKINGBIRD TOBY KEITH & Daughter Krystal live

Just sharing my favorite version of this classic song Nancy's Pic 's Toby Keith reached number 27 on Hot Country Songs in 2004 with a cover featuring his ...

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Thanks so Much My friend Nancy for share this fantastic Country Music. Have a wonderful Week and greetings from Spain: Javier
Liked great video
+LIFE IS GOOD thank you so much, enjoy your day...
super . Amazing . Greta song and video .Thank you dear Nancy my Frienf. Greetings
+bialyzibi Thank you, my friend, for always thinking, of my videos, Have a great day...
Amazing. nice upload. I love Tobt Keith and Nancy Marie . Thank you my Friend . Happy Weekend.
+bialyzibi Happy Weekend, to you, my friend... thank you
Thank You Friend, great video once again, Love ya dearly! Cheers OXOX
+Thomascow Mc Mullan Thank you Mr. Tom..always a pleasure to hear from you, enjoy your day..
Hi Nancy, So beautiful collaboration. Like vocals very much. Thumbs up! Thank you. Kind regards, Dedstar
+Dedstar Hello my Friend, Thank you again, for all the great comments, your really special, take care and enjoy your day..
Son realmente increibles!!!
+Alex saile Alex,  your so kind, I enjoyed your comments..


"Boys In The Trees" (feat. James Taylor) I'm home again in my old narrow bed Where I grew tall and my feet hung over the end The low beam room with the ...

Carly Simon ~ Anticipation/Close Your Eyes/Lean on Me ~ Wellesley, MA 11.22.14

This was a benefit for Consenses A Sally Taylor project of interpretation of the arts by artists. consenses.org During Lean on Me - artists on stage Ben Taylor, ...

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Wow! Carly has not sung "Anticipation" in its original key in at least 10 years, and she sounds fantastic! Vocal rest is doing her wonders. But, now, about that ratchet wig...
Carly and her kids sing great together. 
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