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Carly simon fox news Videos

Carly Simon on Fox And Friends (Full Interview)

Carly's 2008 appearance on Fox and Friends talking about You're So Vain and This Kind Of Love.

What's a 'Simon sisters sandwich'?

Fox 411: Carly Simon says you should ask Sean Connery Watch Diana Falzone talk about Dotcom Live, Fox 411, Genres, Mature, and News Gossip.

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Carly Fiorina RIPS Planned Parenthood and Hillary Clinton On Fox News Sunday

Carly Fiorina speaks with FNC's Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday; engages pro-abortion/infanticide sexist and misandrist socialist ready For Hillary .

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FOX news is pushing fiorina soooooooo hard,i wonder why they are scared of trump. fiorina is a typical republican party hack,she has a slick mouth,but we will get more of the same from her ,typical republican we get the money and the voter gets screwed. anyone that votes for this woman just wants more of the same old tired washington insider bull shit. RUN DON RUN.
Fiorina, with that bitter look on her face, just refuses to even say that she did not know it was an edited video, that would be a start. She knows that she was not honest with her account of the video. I get the feeling she has not been criticized before, instantly getting defensive.
Fiorina and Hillary -- both very corruptible, and both very unqualified. The video Carly claims to have seen featuring a fetus at Planned Parenthood about to be harvested does not exist. Carly will apparently stoop to saying anything.

FOX NEWS: Hillary's Private E-Mail Server

Hillary Clinton's use of a private email system rather than a government-run account while serving as Secretary of State has raised questions about what rules ...

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George W.Bush must stand trial for WAR CRIMES/CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.......Why isnt the Republicans saying anything about that?
+Christy Krohne you're the one who believes war crimes against humanity were committed, not them. Not even Democrats thoughts so or they would have done so when they had a super majority. Republicans are not hypocrites. They simply want to investigate shady practices by Hillary. She is the one stonewalling like a criminal.
First of all I'm one of the little guys,Second of all I'm not the hypocrite that the Republicans are calling Hilary out on all sorts of things.
+Christy Krohne so why haven't you pressed charges? if you are a part of humanity, the court would have to find you have standing in such a lawsuit. get busy, young man.
She is SUCH a SEETHING, UNABASHED, SCATHING LIAR, it is DESPICABLE! Her words MEAN NOTHING! Her conscience is NULL & VOID! Her integrity SHOT TO SMITHERINES! And he honesty TOTALLY UPROOTED! O U T ! ONCE & FOR ALL........ and F I N A L L Y ! + + + +Q-S/
+Angelina Lazar  she's so comfortable lying. they could be the star of a super low budget Hollywood movie.
Is she supposed to have private server/email? Answer: blah blah blah blah blah. Truth: NO.
thats a private answer .
As much as I dislike Hillary... Fox News either has very little insight into how classified documents are handled or is giving a very superficial explanation of what this means in order to kill Hillary's reputation
+812b4 truth
I agree that Fox News has very little insight in classification. If they did they would be asking better questions like; Why is she not in custody? Why hasn't the server, her computers and blackberry been seized yet? Has her security clearance been suspended? You know that these are the things that would happen within hours if you or I were suspected of having possession of anything secret or higher on our personal equipment.
As with the hard-drive malfunctions, which were clearly a lie, this too sounds very fishy. In any IT dept email addresses are always setup for employees as a matter of routine. The idea that there was never an acct in the first place sounds highly dubious to me. You'd have to put in a special request for IT to not create the email address initially and that also would be quite odd. 
I am sure that the entire Ovimit administration is doing the same thing. Rule of law does not apply to "progressives" (communists) and there will be no records to be found. There is no way that her communications were not flagged as coming from a non secure server. The people she was emailing new damn well that she was not using a secure server. It would be like me sending emails to Ovomit, they simply would not go through....period.

Carly Simon on Good Day New York (Full Interview + Performance)

Carly on Good Morning New York promoting her album Never Been Gone (2009), then performing You Belong To Me.

Carly Rose Sonenclar Interview on FOX News NY

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