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Carly simon scarborough fair lyrics Videos

Scarborough Fair

Ein sehr altes Lied :D Trotzdem schön zum spieln und anhörn Hoffe es gefällt euch ;) //genius.com/Carly-simon-scarborough-fair-lyrics ...

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Danke Jonas Schoepfer :D
nice Martin

Scarborough Fair - The History behind Lyrics

This great video is interpreted by Amy Nuttall, you can find it here //www.youtube.com/watch?v=ac74vgjgnpI thanks to: ...

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Well i can tell you the true meaning of this angelic mystical old english saxon balad. its of a bloke called bob who has a wife called Dorris who have hit on hard times , so he sends her to scarborough fair which in those days was a well known red candle district , he asks her to bugger off and get him a cambric shirt by selling her body for no less than a turnip . and while your there pick up rosemary and thyne who wer well known hookers and bring them home , parsly and sage wer the names of two gay guys who ran the local mead house , remember me to them as they owe me monies . then when your get back home your to make my supper with the turnip and join me with rosemary and thyne . i ask no thanks for this history lesson i just feel it my duty to educate the world to the true meaning of such a wonderfull balad , Scarborough is still the same today however the price of a turnip has vastly increased.
i do nog understand the red candle and many more
Eu amo essa música, principalmente a versão de Sarah Brightman! ♥
Pode-se amar pessoas, mas não canções animais ou coisas. De uma canção ou se gosta ou não se gosta.

Scarborough Fair (Instrumental)

"Scarborough Fair" was a traditional English fair, and is a traditional English ballad. During the late Middle Ages the seaside town of Scarborough was an ...

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0:36 is where I live. Llanrwst in Wales. :)
+MMowen4004 I'll stop by there when I'm traveling through Europe some day. :D
+MrShenhai The house in the background is a cafe. It's really nice.
It looks so beautiful, like it's right out of a story-book! You're lucky. :)
Are you going to Scarborough Fair? Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme Remember me to one who lives there He once was a true love of mine Tell him to make me a cambric shirt Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme Without no seams nor needle work Then he'll be a true love of mine Have him wash it in yonder dry well Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme Where ne'er a drop of water e'er fell And then he'll be a true love of mine Tell him to find me an acre of land sponsored links Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme Between salt water and the sea strands Then he'll be a true love of mine Tell him to reap it with a sickle of leather Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme And gather it all in a bunch of heather Then he'll be a true love of mine Are you going to Scarborough Fair? Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme Remember me to one who lives there He once was a true love of mine. 
i love to listen this song while i kill people on GtA V I FEEL FREE...
now is bf4
yeah broã
Really dud hahaha

(SubViet+Kara) Sarah Brightman - Scarborough Fair

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nguyen list cho moi nguoi nghe ne it's my life( Dr Alban ), boys_summertimelove(Sabrina),betrayal ( yao si ting), tokyo by night (Gian Turner ), child ( Little fox ), self control, take my breath away, all that she wants, caravan of life, coco jamboo, la isla bonita(madonna ), more than i can say, one way ticket, summer kisses winter tears, broken heart womman, lemon tree, quando quando, sealed with a kiss, rhythm of a rain, love is blue, casablanca, all i have to do is dream, sarcifice, careless whisper, still loving you, scarborough fair, say you say me, i'd love you to want me, boulevard, you're woman, macarena, woman in love, sorry- it blame on me, papa( paul anka), nothing gonna chance my love for you, I will follow him( Sandy Posey), deliah( Tom Jones), what is love ( haddaway ), oh carol ( Neil Sedaka ), circle in the sand( Belinda Carlisle), that is love ( Tokyo Square), everytime you go away ( Anthony Fedorov ), Joe le taxi ( Vanessa Paradis ), nothing gonna chance my love for you, right here waiting ( Richard Marx ), because i love you ( Shakin Stevens ), beautiful life ( Ace of Base ), you mean everything to me ( the majestic orchesta ), Touch by touch ( Joy ), No face no name no number ( Modern talking ), Tarzan boy ( Baltimora ), Gimme gimme gimme_A man after midnight ( ABBA ), Atlantis is calling ( Modern..), Hooray hooray it's a holi holiday ( Boney..), 500 Miles ( Peter, Paul & Mary , All out of love ( Air Supply ), Donna donna ( Julie Roger ), Aline ( Christophe ), If we hold on together ( Diana Ross ), Lambada ( Kaoma ), La bamba ( Los Lobos ), Sunny + Rasputin + Bahama mama + Gotta go home + Rivers of babylon ( Boney M ), Unchained Melody ( The Righteous Brothers ), I never had a dream come true ( S club 7 ), And i love her ( The Beatles ), Barbie girl + My oh my + Around a world + Roses are red + Doctor Jones + Turn back time + Lolliipop + Cartoon heroes + Tarzan and Jane + Halloween + We belong to sea + Aquarius ( Aqua ), Chachacha 03 ( Intruementer ), Tonight so cold ( GinaT ), Where do you go + Be My Lover + You won't forget me + Sweet Dreams + Do you still need me + Shoo Bee Do Bee Do + A moment of love + Unexpected Lovers + Whenever You Want + No Tears + Heartbeat + Forget Me Nots + SOS ( La Bouche ), Believe ( Cher ), Because you loved me ( Celine Dinon ), Bang Bang ( Sheila ), Baby one more time ( Britney spears ), All Out Of Love ( Air Supply ), Sha la la la + Bom Bom Bom + We like to party + Up & Down + Kiss + Ho Ho Vengaboys + All Night Passion + Paradise + The Vengabeat + 24
+tân nguyễn cảm ơn bạn đã chia sẻ

Sarah Brightman-Scarborough Fair

Sarah Brightman-Scarborough Fair //www.thermdyn.com/aboutus.htm THERMODYNAMIC INSTRUMENTS CORP //www.wretch.cc/blog/greathan ...

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one of the best songs ever, thanks
This music video was shot in Minnack Theatre, I think. 
+Sander Engelen Thanks for the tip! I'll try and visit Cornwall this summer. It looks so pretty from what I have seen so far on tv and in pictures.
+PurpleGhost25175 it is at Minnack Theatre, Cornwall. Beautiful there...

Simon&Garfunkel-Scarborough Fair [Lyrics]

Simon&Garfunkel - Scarborough Fair Are you going to Scarborough Fair Parsley,sage,rosemary and thyme Remember me to one who lives there She once was ...

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Many thanks for Beautiful MVs of the Great Oldies. Wishing a Happy Holiday & New Year !

Scarborough Fair Simon and Garfunkel

The narrator of the song is a man who was jilted by his lover. Although dealing with the paradoxes he sees himself posed to in a very subtle and poetic manner, ...

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Hi Peet421987, Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately I don't have notation or tabs for this. I saw lalodiaz play this on youtube and figured it out by listening and looking at his hand/finger placement. Best of luck, vernonore.
So do I - really nice version - do you have this one on notation or tabs? Thnx for Responding btw
Thanks for the history behind this song. I have learnt something new today thanks to you.
Thank you SUNNYD3322! I appreciate it. Regards, Vernon
Great Guitar play ! Really love this clip ^^
Thank you for listening HanzP!
Nice version! I like it!
Great Guitar play !
well done!!!!!!!

VOCALOID3 Oliver - Scarborough Fair - FULL

We noticed that a lot of people wanted to hear Oliver sing the full version of this song, so here it is! The lyrics are a bit obscure, so we've included them below~ ...

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Anyone else thought of little songbird Kanato?
Yup I know right)
+Mononoki Doki Teehee >w<. I love his Engrish ♡
I literally just came from there
+Mireth Amrondiel ME! Love them both <3
My mom used to sing this to me when I was little :,)
awww,thats so sweet!! ♡♡♡
Just to make it clear Olivia isn't real she's a fanmade like luki and isn't a real vocaloid
Basically, Oliver's voice pitched up. Like Lenka, Len's genderbend.
+Tin Tin Olivia is Oliver's female counterpart. YouTube it. Lawl
Lol wot, how do you mess up on a name when it's right in front of you.

Scarborough Fair Ver.Ann

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Sweet Ann has wonderful pronounciation (I mean she was made for english, right?) but I personally think her voice isn't as nice as Luka's. But that's only my opinion.
Sweet Ann does a much better job at songs like this than Japanese Vocaloids. That said, Japanese Vocaloid kick ass, especially with Len and Rin backing Sweet Ann up!!
I love scarborough fair, and i really love it when the engloids sing it
hey! i hear miku/rin in the background!doing the "aaaaaAAAAAAaaaah's" crap i hear len tooo! i think all three are singing in the back. @[email protected] so confuzzled...
A friend of mine sang this song with me in a competition together. We sounded like sweet ann and megurine luka together...
@dacheran I think it's because she's got a Swedish accent. But Sweet Ann does well with mezzo alto-soprano tones.
@ kobato96 thats what she was originally designed for yes. to sing in english. Just like Leon I believe
Think she's designed more for lower pitches, which is why it comes out somewhat nasaly this high up.
That.s... powerful. You changed my mind completely about Sweet Ann's voice. Wow. Just wow.
she's not that popular as the others huh... i heard she's an English singer from Vocaloid
Her voice..its so beautiful, you could say it sounds...heavenly. I think I'm in love.:D
This is... very impressive. One of the best songs I've heard, using this Vocaloid.
Sweet Ann is supost sing country..... her voice is wierd yet nice.....o.O
@chocopandabuffalo Naw, I think it's just Sweet Ann doing the vocals.
@5blackcat12 Its her accent (her singer was an Australian singer).
i think Olivers version is better, but this one is still good :3
" its curtains for you elizabeth my dear " *silenced gun*
Not to me. Oliver is more airy and light and british xD
I didn't know about Sweet Ann D: Her voice is nice :3
I like it. It's mesmerizing........ brilliant job ^^
I can't help but admire how pretty Sweet Ann looks~!
if i had kept my blonde hair id look like sweet ann
i wish i could do a vocaloid, it looks fun ^_^
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