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Carly simon und warren beatty Videos

Deutschland muss in der EM-Quali nachsitzen

Wir wissen, dass es jetzt nochmal richtig spannend werden kann. Wir hoffen, dass wir es am Sonntag von Anfang an dominant gestalten und uns qualifizieren ...

Scott McCloud: Understanding comics

//www.ted.com In this unmissable look at the magic of comics, Scott McCloud bends the presentation format into a cartoon-like experience, where colorful ...

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You know, this is freaking incredible. This is something I've been thinking about a lot too, but from a slightly different perspective and motivation. Comic books in general, even with the movies, have been falling in popularity. But what do movies have that comics don't? The usual answer would be you don't put effort into watching a movie. But I think the real reason is that movies bring a world like none other, and books bring a world much like comic books. But if we could expand that, make the comic panels become somewhat of a world, it would be incredible.
+turbine master Yeah his book changed my perspective forever!
nothing meaningful in this video
+Jeffrey W. DaneseNothing meaningful in this comment ;)
+Hoto If I take you right, your comment belies just how important McCloud's message is. Assuming that you find meaning only in specifically quantifiable information as in raw data (valued as in economic value or monetarily) and avoid, ignore, or even denigrate the un- or less-quantifiable, then the degree to which you value your full potential as a human being, as a person within and mutually constituted with your socio-cultural uniqueness, McCloud provides a map with which to calibrate the methods and terms that keep us whole, together, that maintains our entire potential without cutting off your nose to spite your face.
+Hoto Hoto you loco bro
The man is a genius. His books "Making Comics" and "Understanding Comics" are required reading for anyone who wants to give comic book making a try, and also for anyone who reads comics because these books will give you an in depth understanding and hence appreciation of this sometimes overlooked art form.
Totally agree...!
this brief 17 min talk is surely WAY over the heads of the participants in the Audience... he wrote THREE full graphic Novels to cover these ideas, and trying to Synopsize it into a 15-20 Min., PowerPOint Demonstration. If I was in the Audience I'd be like "HUH?? WTF???" but because I have read all 3 books, I can follow his concepts and train of Thought. Anyone interested in what he's trying to get across, read these three Graphic Novels: 1 Understanding Comic 2: Re-INventing Comics 3. Making Comics
oh, i love his metacomics! but i guess the presentation was a concise sample, because it is hard to cover the things on the comics in a single ted talk

Bonnie & Clyde 1984 WPIX 8 O'Clock Movie Promo

Promo for "Bonnie And Clyde" on the February 17, 1984 WPIX 8 O'Clock Movie.
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