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Carly simon you're so vain chords Videos

You're so vain

Carly Simon wrote this great song which inspired me to come up with some novel chords, rhythms and fingerstyle accompaniment!

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What a gift! Love how you've brought fresh harmony and rhythms to a song that's been 'out there' forever. It takes courage,skill and intelligence to do that. The song as it was has a lot to commend it but in your hands it has even more. 
And what a lovely gift these words are from you Shaun, thank you so much.Your comment makes me sit back and take stock of what my music is saying and where it is going. I often quote a rebuke I received from a miffed individual who said that I shouldn't take liberties with Elvis' music! Variations on musical themes have been performed by musicians forever - it's our way of expressing our delight in a piece while displaying our skills.Warm greetings from Spain, Shaun,Clive

You're So Vain - Carly Simon Cover (Title explains it all.)

You're So Vain (Carly Simon cover) - Possum

FOLLOW POSSUM. ON FACEBOOK: //facebook.com/possumplows thiis one's pretty rough yupp.

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Lovely video, thanks so much for sharing. If you get a second, please stop by my channel and take a listen my original music. I hope you enjoy.
Is this song about Aaron Gleeman?
dat voice... gorgeous
Fuck me pls
great job~

Chocolate Starfish - You're So Vain [Official]

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RIP Zoran. We meet over twenty years ago and again on a hand full of occasions. A life cut short. I will always remember you as a talented intellect with an engaging persona. A loss, not only to our small united community, but to the music community and your beautiful family. Pocivaj u miru s Bogom
I like this Carly Simon song fr decades ago. A few days ago heard this group's version in a supermarket for the 1st time. Didn't quite like the lead vocal guy's singing until the chorus. Sounds gd wif more instruments, fuller sound.
Me, well I like both versions, but this version kicks ass, as only rock music can do ! They use to play this song on triple M decades ago. Yep i still like this even today ! The band really rocked up this song. Cheers guys.
2:00.. my deepest sympathy to the Romic family someone once wrote "only the good die young"... how very true in your case RIP Zoran Pocivaj u miru, Zorane
Thanks for this one. I have always liked this version over Carly Simon's. Something about the deeper male voice really sets it off.
They broke up in the late 90's, then reformed in 2011, then the guitarist died in March 2012. Now they're ssad.
Such sheer talent, sends shivers up my spine every time I hear it.Thinking mans rock.
i live in Alice Springs and hope to produce music as quality as this don' I
great cover whatever happened to chocalte starfish?
About so many ex girlfriends... and women :)
I met the lead singer. enjoyed it all.
awesome cover, the singers a freak
theyre back together now :)
man i remember this song!!
Clouds in your coffee? :)
best version
RIP Zoran.
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