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Mcgill university calendar 2016 Videos

Nuggets Dancers in Montreal

The 2015-16 Denver Nuggets Dancers perform at the McGill University men's basketball game in Montreal, Quebec.

All About Justin Trudeau - Prime Minister Of Canada

Welcome to the Investors Trading Academy event of the week. Each week our staff of educators tries to introduce you to a person of interest in the financial world ...

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Little Fuddle Duddle is what he's called. And true to form he's become but another progressive liar who has ballooned his first deficit from the campaign's promised ten billion to almost thirty billion. He's a total embarrassment. Get someone to write your talking points who's actually engaged with Canada and Canadians.
+Moonrise361 The very fact that such a colossal change has already been announced - a whopper of an increase in the federal deficit - does not bode well for his tenure or Canada. There is absolutely no reason for such a huge, early miscue in his election promises and remembering how little regard his father had for the truth in his campaign promises I have little reason to hope.
Yes, time will tell, But looking at your words, you sound really bitter.  It sounds quite harsh. It is kind of early to speak in such negative way, if ever at all.  You speak like you are fighting back. (Guess you were a conservative maybe?)  You may profit from opening your spirit to the light and breathing in and out, and thinking positively. He is not alone, and what he will bring will be something different and valuable and with his other team mates, the right synergy will be present.  Many things were wrong in the last gov't.
+Moonrise361 You're just adding shine to the apple. The truth is something quite different. And as the year progresses we'll see how inexperienced Trudeau is for such a position.
+Moonrise361 - As for the budget, the party has issued a video explaining what they have done and why. Take a look, it makes good sense.
@ fomalhaut - Well, seems maybe it is your opinion, but many Canadians appreciate and like him and feel he has great qualities and insight to lead a country like Canada.

Speed Advent Calendar (app presentation)

In this video you can see how Speed Advent Calendar for Android works. Download and install the app with Google Play on all your Android devices: ...

Vote Lola Baraldi for SSMU VP Internal

These individuals gather to support Lola Baraldi for SSMU VP Internal. Endorsed by the Tribune, Daily & Delit, she plans to maximize the potential of the internal ...

Branding extremism: Israel & Palestinian Terror

Speakers: Ilan Manor is a Dphil candidate at the Department of International Development at the University of Oxford. His research focuses on digital diplomacy ...
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