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Mcgill university electrical engineering courses Videos

Speech Recognition using FPGA

A video demonstration of our simple speech recognition algorithm implemented on an Altera DE2 board. This was done as part of our design project course in ...

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Hello everyone. I had another version of this video here in youtube (since I'm one of davidlazio's teammates) and I did not now that this one was some much more popular so I'm removing mine. It got 97 views and one comment from the third team member: hehe, nice to see our works on Youtube site. -By kevinshanghai
Nice job! for the comparison, is there a numerical tolerance in your code? i ask because its impossible to say something with the exact same intensity and frequency. Can you store the learning information so when the power is turned off then back on, it will recognize the same speech pattern?
Well, I am trying to do it on the VirtexII pro card (XUPV2P), I am also trying to do the processing using the Wavelet transform! but this is all done in theory (its a long story)! I would like to know more about what you do! maybe one day we can exchange ideas!
hey man great job keep it up i have a project for my digital design course and im trying to control the lcd and display any desired output if you could make a tutorial on how to control or show us the coding im using verilog thanks a lot
Davidlazio is the "training" process real time?Do u use dynamic reconfigarion of your FPGA between different "training phases".I mean learn - speech(recognized)-reconfig-learn etc?
I have developed an innovative s/w algorithm that matches with high degree of accuracy and am looking for partners. Contact me if interested.
WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!, how u did dad? is that some pattern stored in the SRAM? how much bits in what pattern?...great job!
Well done mate !! I'm now doing the similar project, can you send me your source code for reference ?? Thanks a lot !!
Thats really cool man! I was trying to do the same for a long time now! and no luck (using Spartan 3)! good job man!
Thank you! I appreciate it. Don't worry about posting twice. How exactly are you trying to achieve this?
Man, am sorry to post twice! but this is really cool!!! wonderful job, I like the presentation too!
very good job.. visit to my project, and comment please what do you think about.
whrer do you got all the info to the project ?
Show us ur left hand while u said help!...LOL
i think its coded in Labview.
Beautiful. Congratulations!
what if you say "Yelp!"?
nice work man, amazing!
magic !!!! isn't it ???
Cool cool cool!!
nice job!

Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering intro video 2010/11

Introduction to Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering. //elec.aalto.fi/en/ Production: Aalto University Communications 2010/11.

Macdonald Active Learning Lab 2

Featuring the MALL (Macdonald Active Learning Lab) at McGill University Macdonald Campus used in teaching many freshmen and engineering courses.

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Great Video guys! I didn't even know we had that... lol

Randal Koene - Humanity and the Big Picture - XFF 2012

Randal A. Koene is a Dutch neuroscientist and neuroengineer, and co-founder of carboncopies.org, the outreach and roadmapping organization for advancing ...
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