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Miami university gis certificate Videos

Learn by Doing - GIS Environmental Technologies

How would you like to learn how to build a house, analyze soil, design building plans, develop a computer network or manage a five-star restaurant?

Do You Call Yourself A Geodesist? - Extended Version: Full Responses

By definition, a geodesist is a person who studies the Earth's shape, gravity field, and rotation. Many scientists and engineers use geodesy for their research, but ...

Dr. Maria Abreu on DDW, the AGA Postgraduate Course, and IBD

Maria T. Abreu, MD, a presenter at the 2016 AGA Postgraduate Course, explains why IBD experts won't want to miss this year's course. The 2016 course will ...

OTIS Series 4 Hydraulic Elevators @ University of Redlands Mission Valley, San Diego, CA

Basic but nice ones. Used to be Amtech cars. Installed in early 1990's. Modernized in 2012.

DOE Fellow Steve Noel

(Computer Science) Steve Noel is a senior undergraduate student in the Computer Science Department at Florida International University. His interests include ...
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