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Miami university dean smith Videos

Dean Smith Receives Prestigious Award - ACC NOW

Two ACC players are Outland Trophy Semifinalists, former UNC coach Dean Smith is receives a prestigious award today, and ACC basketball tourney tickets ...

Dean Smith By the Numbers | ACCDigitalNetwork

The White House announced Thursday that North Carolina coaching legend Dean Smith will receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom award. The ACC Digital ...

Dean Smith's Life Story

879 wins, 13 ACC championships, 11 Final Fours, 2 National Titles. Those are the numbers that define Dean Smith's basketball career. But they hardly define ...

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Coach Smith's biography was featured by Sportscentury and included some of the scenes seen in this video. It was a very comprehensive biography of Coach. Do you know if the biography is available online anywhere. They were on youtube a few years ago but were taken off. Thank you very much!

The Real Heels Report UNC Basketball Show - Miami Preview Adventure

University of North Carolina Tar Heels Basketball - real fans & real coverage from Chapel Hill during the 2008 - 2009 season as the Tar Heels march towards ...

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You guys are awesome!! I enjoy seeing you love the Tarheels as much as I do! Go Tarheels! And a little bump in January is better than in March! :) Go Tarheels!!
Oh and way to go raising Woody and going to the master of the game Coach Dean Smith!!

Dean Smith ~ Retirement Press Conference

Dean Smith ~ Retirement Press Conference From the eBA-Stats.com Best Basketball DVDs Reviews. Read the Full Review here: ...

Dean Smith and Golf

Legendary North Carolina basketball coach Dean Smith took his competitive fire to the golf course as well, molding Roy Williams into the man on - and off the ...

Obama Reaffirms No 'Ground War in Iraq'; Vikings Owner Admits 'Mistake' on Ad

US President Barack Obama is currently tripping around what they call Israel celebrating as he said the 'eternal' relationship between the United States and .

Dean Smith - Undergraduate Showreel V2

Developer Portfolio: //digitalweapons.co.uk A showcase of my work following an undergraduate BSc (Hons) in Interactive Systems & Video Games Design at ...

Down 8 Points With 17 Seconds

Carolina comes back to win against dook in one of the most dramatic games in the history of the rivalry.

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Smith's teams NEVER gave up or quit on a game because they were losing in the final minute.Teams today just stop and let the clock go..cant understand it.I think it was Smith who came up with the idea of fouling to stop the clock..he was one of the best at clock management for sure,watched this game on tv at 13...And.....2 of the top 5 programs in b ball history,lets give them the credit they deserve over there.
Duke players are dirty..coach K is dirty..he pretends to have class. When the mike is off though you see him working the officials like there was no tomorrow. Most times is just to intimidate them. Our alumni in the NBA (which is a higher amount than Duke as it is) has a better track record. Need I go on.. THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA TAR HEELS. The premier program in NC and the USA..matter a fact..the world
I was at that game! It is one of the greatest memories of my life. I was sitting about 6 rows up behind the Carolina bench. We almost left because it looked as though the game was a goner and we wanted to beat the traffic to a local bar. The first throw in was right in front of me. I was also at two games at Duke which went into triple overtime. The games just aren't the same nowadays.
I was a student basketball manager for Duke then and was on the bench that day. After that shot at the buzzer to tie the game, I swear I have never heard anything so loud in my life. So loud I couldn't hear myself think. And that bus ride back to Durham was the longest 8-mile bus ride I have ever taken.
"Dook was a little bit of an afterthought." LOL, they still are. While UNC is celebrating its 5th NCAA title, Dook is sitting at home wondering if it will ever be relevant again.
Bobby Jones: 2 FTs...80-86 Walter Davis: steal and assist to Kuester...82-86 Bobby Jones: layup...84-86 Walter Davis: jump shot...86-86 Win in OT South Mecklenburg 1 Duke 0
fhilclem you are so lucky you had parents at this game. I would totally give up a nut to have been. Greatest comeback in sports history - period. GO HEELS!!!!
@cherokeejoshua I was at that game, too. Sat right beside the band and almost left just before this run--thank God I didn't!
Of all the magical times in Chapel Hill, this might be the greatest. Unbelievable is the best way to describe "the shot".
This is just amazing. 8 points in 17 secs without the 3.....are the kidding me? Greatest comeback ever.
thanks for the upload. ive heard about this so much but never actually seen the highlights. go heels!
Jeez. Kuptchak, after lobbing the inbounds to Davis was in position to rebound 3 seconds later.
@tarheelmotu Man, I'm a huge unc fan, but I think you spoke a little too soon there pal.
now that there is a 3 point line, that final shot would have won it... i think
how many years later and i still have tears streaming down my face. GO HEELS!
i've seen the highlights, but never in this quality...nice job
Hey Prazedancer,what channel was this that you recorded
I was there. I still have my ticket stub from the game.
@tarheelmotu I think the tables have turned my friend,
@tarheelmotu There at home celebrating theres now lol
@cherokeejoshua the last shot was a three pointer
Did we really need more evidence that dook sucks?
This is much better than the Austin Rivers Shot.
Why couldn't the Thunder do this just once?
Amazing! Great work as always Praze.
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