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Miami university tassel colors Videos

Decorated Graduation Caps at Miami Dade College Graduation 4/28/12 - Tassel Toppers

About 50 students were wearing Tassel Toppers at the 2012 Miami Dade College Graduation on 4/28/12. Some wore the Class of 2012 I AM MDC that the ...

Behind the Scenes: Our Regalia

The academic regalia worn at convocation varies from university to university. John Corlett, Provost and Vice-President Academic, tells us about some of the ...

Rent The Runway Fairytale at the University of Miami

How to Make Polymer Clay Bead Necklaces : How to Make Shaded Polymer Clay Colors

Learn how to create shaded clay colors for polymer clay bead necklaces with expert crafting tips in this free online jewelry making video clip. Expert: Melina ...

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Uh, no. You can't leave it there for months. It WON'T be workable. You have to seal it in a Zip-Loc very tightly or else it gets crumbly. She has no idea what polymer clay is. -_-
@Mayleth65 Yes, I know that polymer clay is soft until you bake it, but the chemicals in it that make it soft evaporate when you leave it out for months.
@KelseyBeePink i've worked with polymer clay. it stays soft until u bake it. YOU have no idea about polymer clay.
@KelseyBeePink maybe when she said leave it out she ment maybe "in a container" common grammar mistake :P
I wish you would have numbered your videos, I keep coming back to this one...
@KelseyBeePink lol and she calls herself expert????
lol this is funny. polymer clay, intoxicated~
make some anal beads and shove them up your ass
how does it get hard?just by air in some hours?
@ArtistWoOoOo you put it in the oven :]
@KelseyBeePink haha i know right? xD
Hey that's mean! I think she's cool!
She's working it too rough..

Yemaya y oshun elekes mazos - lukumi beadwork exhibit in Miami

Mazos machete eleke maya inche osain for Yemaya and Oshun. On display at Florida International University, Green Library. Please like, subscribe, and check ...

Fusion 2008 - Chinese Dance Medley

Miami University Asian American Association's annual cultural show Dances: Liang Xiang, Ribbon, Flutter Fan, Spinning Handkerchief, Sword & Iron Fan ...

Kylie Jenner Sizzles in Miami with her Stylish Outfits

Subscribe For Daily Updates On Kim Kardashian & Family: https://goo.gl/IGXcs0 Kylie Jenner and Hailey Baldwin partied in Miami on Sunday night and the two ...
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