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Mcdaniel college club sports Videos

February Club Sport of the Month: Men's Lacrosse

As their season approaches, men's lacrosse has been working to build on their success in 2015. In this interview, team president John Hughey speaks on ...

Brian Belida - August 2008

//www.americanparkour.com //www.youtube.com/americanparkour Born in Germany, raised in Maryland, grown in Africa; Brian has spent most of his life ...

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Dude I go to city park everyday! Ik where every single one of those places are at. Me and my friends do the same thing at that parking lot and the park and stuff.
omg haha there should well be more kids like that in the world!! :D a true mini Mr. Motivator lol good vid aswell i should probably add
Very good! My friend Kurt and I practice parkour at that park every Wednesday. It's a great place for beginner traceurs.
HAha - crazy kids. xD Verrry sick vid though. 1:42 was something new that I haven't seen. B ] Awesoem stuff. = ]
i am starting to get back into shape and then i will get back into parkour :) thanks for the videos guys
HOLY $#@! I KNOW WHERE YOU WERE AT!!!! city park i live near there i wanna come watch you!!!!!
Yeah it's true, the video makes it look much shorter than I thought it was :p C'est la vie.
@holypope701 i didnt say it was bad, its nice and all but its really simple
lol the one with the monkey bar thingies looks like its easy.......
Some awesome stuff there. 0:45 seemed a bit weird to me though.
@mstliklybord17 i want to c u do the stuff he does
It's the radnormously talented Ronald Jenkees!
kids are the biggest supporters ^_^..great vid
Ronald Jenkees Music! Nice evolution, grats!
Not bad, not bad. I enjoyed that. -shae, TX
if only it wasnt so cold in colorado!! errr
good video bro, you've got great flow :D
SICK MATE!!! 5/5 keep it up yhh!
what kind of lense do you use?
Nice! Very clean and smoothe.
last 2 jumps - so sick! :D

Carmelo Talks to Danny Jacobs about His Fight outside the Ring: Vice Sports Meets

Subscribe to VICE Sports here: //bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE-Sports Two years ago, while on a USO Tour, Danny Jacobs felt weaker than normal. He was soon ...

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Boxing is for black men who have daddy issues
Anyone know the name of the beat at the start ? 
great minds think alike bruh haha
was jus bout to ask the same thing
Carmelo is from Baltimore Maryland he swear he a ny nigga
He movef when he was 9.. And its cool to remmeber age 7-9 you get glimpses of your childhood
He's from Brooklyn...he moved to BMore at 7 years old
Carmelo Ain't from Baltimore? His from BK allday...
+rob richei exactly he doesent acknowledge Bmore 
i was born in new york rasied in baltimore just like carlmelo and when people ask me where im from i say new york but  was rasied in bmore
+steven james WAIT!?!?  lemme hear more about the blcok..  REP THAT CORNER BRUH.. You must be a REAL NY NIGGA
+First Last What ? im done  
+steven james so talking about carmelo makes you horney?  Do you like it up the ass as well?
+First Last your right my bad let me switch it up Suck A Dick
+steven james easy with the big words from the block jenny
+First Last Fuck You 
why do you care? who gives a fuck
Born in Brooklyn just like Micheal Jordan. 
+True Journey he said he moved when he was 9. Plus he went to Oakhill in VA for his senior year of HS. Then he went to Syracuse. So he spent damn near the same amount of years in NY as Bmore. Plus, Bmore ain't exactly making itself somewhere to be proud of. 
+TRUE JOURNEY Do you remember the first 7yrs of your life, but he spent the majority of his child hood, and youth in Baltimore 
He spent the the first 7 years of his life in ny
Home is where the heart is

War Eagle Supper Club on CBS Sports

Tim Brando's shout out to the Supper Club after the Iron Bowl.

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Beautiful! Great job Milton & Thanks to Timmy B!!

Revolution Volleyball Academy 15 Elite VS Stingray Volleyball Club 15 Black Game 2

Revolution Volleyball Academy 15 Elite VS Stingray Volleyball Club 15 Black Game 2 Colorado Crossroads Set 1 (13-25) Set 2 (25-19) Set 3 (15-9) Aly Leiphart ...

Plaxico Burress: On the Gunshot That Changed His Life

The NFL receiver has over 8000 yards in his career, but he's probably best known for shooting himself in the leg accidentally while at a New York club in 2008.

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I still think it's weird that he got sent to prison for shooting himself.
Yeah especially in 'Murica. But that's NY gun laws.
You guys put a dumb ass trailer up for a 4 minute video? WTF.
I was thinking the same thing.
Ya, I thought this was another trailer. And he talks about the gunshot for about the same amount of time as he did in the trailer.
No manual safety on Glocks. Holsters a must, or at least a trigger guard. A $25 saf-T-block from amazon may have prevented this, or aftermarket add on safety. But in NY you can't even carry unless highly connected. If he feared for his livelihood, he was wealthy enough to get bodyguards that could legally be armed. 20/20 hindsight though, at least he made it through okay and looks to have learned a lesson. That must really eat him up, wondering if the team could have gone all the way. But a I am sure at this point just being alive and healthy matters the most. I remember this all over the news and wondered what happened to him. They went full out to make an example of him. Wondering if he could have still played if on a team in a state where concealed firearms permitted without a license (like Arizona). But not sure how long that has been the case. Many CC Laws changed since this happened, but not in NY. 
Those who carry need everything you just mentioned! I would also suggest leaving the firearm in position 3 (with the gun on safety, the hammer down, and without a round in the chamber) while carrying in public.
If this would've happened in TX he still would've been on the team just the injured reserve smh
Plaxico looks like he doing well. Looks like he has his shit together. 
He always did all that happened was that he was dumb he's a decent man though I've talked to him for an hour my dad's boss knows him well
So what? He was treated like a GOD, in prison, by fellow inmates and guards alike and he got to play NFL football(big contract) again after he got out. Slap on the wrist and tasty milk shake when his sentence was served. Sounds PRETTY DAMNED BLESSED !!! Though, thanks for the insight and the honesty.
+Adam Shaiken what the hell
If your'e going to keep one in the chamber, keep your safety on. Still like the dude bc he grew up in my city. 757
If there is no thumb safety you are liable to shoot yourself if you improperly carry. He was just all fucked up, because if he hadn't shot himself and shot someone in self defense, he still would have had a gun change and a manslaughter or murder charge. So it may have been in his benefit to shoot himself to learn that. But people don't bother to learn to gun laws of each state. Or bother to get a cpl 
But no safety switch and the safe action trigger isn't crap
Glocks have 3 internal safeties and they're to save there ass in court so they can stand up and say the guns perfect it was your mistake
I think even worse than that is the fact that he didn't have his gun properly holstered. He was "Mexican carrying". Even if it hadn't gone off, he could have dropped it and someone else may have picked it up.
Glocks have a passive safety built into the trigger. And you are so right about having security
What +Millz5231 said, it was a Glock - no safety.The dude is dumb for having millions and not just hiring security though. 
True, thanks. But usually if they dont have a thumb safety they have some sort of passive safety, or a stiff trigger in double action to prevent this. There really is no excuse for an accidental discharge. Pure stupidity.
some guns don't have safety

2009 Under Armour All-American Recap HQ

Sponsored by: Schutt Sports & Under Armour at the Orlando, Citrus Bowl - January 4, 2009. Interviews with players: Jacobbi McDaniel, Andre Debose, Duron ...

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duron carter to usc i dont know about that reports that i am hearing is that if he gets his grades right he is looking to attend the u
everyone should already know hes going to USC. he threw like 3 TD passes each over 30 yards. should have watched the game
wheres he at now? lol looks like being huge didn't work out for him.
@6430204 lol hes doin work at USC. gonna be huge the next two years
mack brown was in it this year and last year RB mack brown
lol at the end i saw 2 white people lol where they at? O.O
Craig Roh had a nice sack on Russell Shepard. Go Blue!
@youngstunna56 not wat AL.com says HAHAHA! ROLL TIDE
@youngstunna56 The U means miami not usc
good game

Shelby McDaniel goal vs ACU, 9-19-14

Shelby McDaniel put the Bearkats on the board first on this goal in the first half against Abilene Christian.
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