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Radio universal 650 am online Videos

Identificación de Radio 65 106.5 FM / 650 AM Los Mochis

Audio Cortesia de un Colaborador.

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me gusta escuchar. la estacion la 65 la Queguena porque escucho las noticias y mas. joyas vivas porque mease como que. estoy aya en mi juan jose rios ami puevo cherios. y la cunvias con kintin. o. tiqui ayala algosi pero megusta escuchalo el sav. y Dom. poque me acuerdo cundo iva al floreval. aver la concentracion. ytodos los demas y me pongo ayorar como un niño como dise. mi grupo san yestoy yotando como mi grup los tomys. y si recordar es vivir yo. sigo recordando ami. cherios i ariva el marzo uno iperdon por las letras porque no se muncho escrivir. dure 4 años en primero jjj
cual es número de la radio

Universal 650 Prezentare-W.I.P. [Farming Simulator 2013] Tractor can be downloaded

Please, Read The Description ! ***Soon to download !!*** Now is W.I.P. -Tractor facut de "valyb20". -Video-ul este o prezentare pentru a stii ce va asteapta.

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futute in gura dare pune linku tare borat :( mori duipa un mod dc nai pus linku 
+Googu Maan 1) invata si tu, te rog frumos, sa vorbesti civilizat, atat pe partea vulgara, cat si pa partea gramaticala si literara.2) link-ul l-am pus, insa site-ul numai este de ceva timp, si, pentru asta imi cer scuze !
dar nui bun linku oricum ca zice ca nu poate fii gasit
+Giants2014Team da, frate, link-ul numai este bun, intrucat site-ul cu pricipa numai este; scuzele mele ! Daca ma nu ma insel, acest mod poate fi gasit si pe alte site-uri de Farming Simulator 2013 romane; trebuie doar sa scrii pe "Google" "farming simulator romania", si, iti va da cateva site-uri de Farming Simulator din Romania.

Armin van Buuren - Universal Religion Chapter 5: Shogun - Space Odyssey (Original Mix)

Listen on Spotify: //bit.ly/UR5Spotify Download on iTunes: //bit.ly/UR5iTunes Download on Beatport: //bit.ly/UR5Beatport Order the 2CD here: ...

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13, Houston. Stand by for S-IVB to COI capability. S-IVB to COI. Roger. Roger. You've got it now, Jim. We've got S-IVB to COI. Now in the final minutes of our countdown. All systems in good shape. Engines now at... 32 percent... control... as the vehicle.... maximum dynamic pressure At the 30 second mark, swing on number one, we'll reconnect. T minus fifty seconds. As we pass the T minus fifty second mark the power transfer takes place.
Guys help a newbie out please. Who created this track, Shogun or Armin Van Buuren? It sounds like Shogun did. If so, what did Armin Van Buuren do, if anything (aside from putting it on his CD and promoting it to the masses)?
@rng43 yea tought at the same thing bass from jerome isma-ae - smile when you kill me sound effects from ppk-ressurection and the incredible uplift by shogun ! better and better!
i love armin but i wish he'd use more than the same 6/7 scenes he uses in all his videos. especially the close up on his equipment. same one. every time.
Close your eyes and focus on nothing but the sound in the build up. You'll go places you've never been before :p. Best build up I've heard in ages.
I think Shogun did a great job with this track, keeping the track simple and not over doing it after the breakdown is great, overall a great track.
All of we here.. listening to this track.. are most likely already out of space.. listening this freaking awesome tracks... with the Alien~~!!!
Shogun delivers once again. Best track on UR 5 by miles. Tune off the year. Some fucking epic trance right here. The build up is unreal.
Wow..the space talk is pure awesomeness! And the countdown is super amazing!! The rest is just...cant describe it with words...!!!
@lChupacabra Shoguns's I just wanted to put out there that I think it is awesome arim van buuren is dutch is that so weird
WOWWW whole song is so [email protected]:55 magical...wonderful! Love Trance...this kind of music doesn't sound chaotic.
Break is too long, and putting in space transmissions from NASA? yea that was done on a remade track...BUZZ? pff next!
@aaronsoh do you maybe know where to download this audio from? I think I've heard it before on some tracks too :))
@martintox222 It goes on for about one phrase and then the piano comes back on melodic mode. I find it brilliant.
mind-blow·ing adj. Informal 1. Producing hallucinatory effects 2. Intensely affecting the mind or emotions
reminds me of ppk's resurrection with the Space centre radio, and as always Amazing track from Shogun
this so-ng reminds me another one Orkidea - Eternal Love (Original Mix) EPIC, BEAUTIFUL, PURE BLISS!
@2:38 ... magic starts ... shivers ... epic feeling ... well done shogun, well done armin!!!!
I don't know how. I don't know why. But this tune just makes me smile I love it xD
@marcoss981 bro I was talking about armin, armin van Buuren is Dutch. Comprendre?
@kudi1990 no idea, just know that its from the Apollo 13 launch transcript. =)
@showdown2006 That's your opinion. Most people seem to like it though.
the space talk gives me chills~! love this shit! blastin this !
Best work by Shogun...incredible build, gives you the chills..
@Op0sum but it is incomplete; it's missing 4 sentences or sth
@aaronsoh Thanks anyway man! I've tried but can't find it :/
@ExitialisDubstep i don't think so :) watch?v=3TVnk7RVXJc

2012 Honda Odyssey Northbrook, Arlington Heights, Deerfield, Schaumburg, Buffalo Grove, IL 2774A

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2016 Porsche Cayenne San Francisco, Bay Area, Peninsula, East Bay, South Bay, CA 8094SL

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2015 RAM 1500 Lafayette Indianapolis, IN #129097-5

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Escutas em Montevideo no Uruguay Data: 21/09/ 2015 580 KHz R. clarín uruguai 610 KHz R. rural uruguai 650 KHz R. s.o.d.r.e radio classica uruguai 670 KHz ...
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