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Audi s8 colors Videos

Audi S8 Suzuka Gray Pearl special order color engine rev

car arrived at dealership went to check it out. got a quick video of the car revving.

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absolutely correct, 5 litre is not the same as a 5.2 litre, i think that then powerplant in the RS4, is the same one or a similar example probably had a few tweaks in refinement, in the R8, butmy favourite is the RS6- Saloon (Sedan),cos i believe the V-10 Bi-Turbo Auid have Designed for that Car Will Decimate All, with Quattro, give it astonishing handling and excellent ride. for High Performance. Audis Are The most Under-Rated, but usually outperform their Rivals, most of the time...
thats not right... mercedes used to have the best.. C63 AMG - RS4, S65 AMG - S8, SL65 AMG - R8, except for the astonishing RS6... that car is absolutely beautiful! But the RS6 is the ONLY car better than mercedes or BMW.
@golferhawaii94 actually the lambo has this engine in it, audi made the lambo engine, they own the patent so they used it in this car as well even tho the gallardo came out before this
R8 still got a new 4.2 v8 dry sump engine Couple of names who work together. (volkswagen and audi) Volkswagen skoda seat Bugatti Bently audi Lamborgini porche
well it could get better by you spelling "italian" correctly, and whu is it italian performance? Both the chassie and Engine are german.
its c ompletly differnt engine layout, it is not based in the gallardo engine, the only similarity is the number of cylanders
Um,the only difference is the FSI,but both are the same engine capacity,and listen to the sound,both sound very identical.
0:16 - moped? What kinda moped do you roll ? I think you sound like a right "muppet" tbh lol Sick car, great colour choice
thats because theya re both V10 with the same starter motor, audi themselves even said they are not the same engine.
The motor was created by audi at the audi factory. the murcielago was italian. Hence nothing on that car is italian.
phantom black is a sweet color...not terribly easy to maintain though. good luck with your purchase!
isnt there a lambo gallardo engine in this? i heard from a salesman...
germany technogly with itilian performace how could it get better?
suzuka grey looks almost like white,or has it some effects?
thats a Lambo motor and audi technogly you moron
son gegner fürn 65er S-Mercedes, das wäre was

2016 Audi S8 Sedan turbocharged 520-hp TFSI® engine quattro all-wheel drive HD

2016 Audi S8 Sedan turbocharged 520-hp TFSI® engine quattro all-wheel drive HD 2016 Audi S8 Sedan turbocharged 520-hp TFSI® engine, quattro all-wheel ...

Ride in Audi S8 w/ 520HP - Accelerate to 130Km/h in the City [HD]

I have now the Audi S8 filmed in a beautiful white color. It accelerates with a very loud and brutal sound. by CKCOOL95/♕CKSuperCarsOfGermany♕ My first ride ...

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ej du bist so cool du hastn iphone und fährst mit einer Hand ej so cool mann ey mann ey maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaann ey!!!!
:D haha der bass war einfach zu heftig von dem lied, das konnt meine kamera woll nicht mehr aufnehmen :D
Ja klar :) statt mir ein s8 zu holen würd ich mir schon lieber für das geld ein 360 holen :D
hi, was braucht der rein im stadtbetrieb, wenn sparsam fährst? 98er braucht an s8 stimmts ?
Hab mich voll erschrocken als ich den Rollerfahrer gesehen habe 4:13 haha
Schade dass der neue S8 nicht mehr diesen tollen Lambo-Motor hat.
ahaha, yes i wrote wrong.....but i know it is a S8.. :)
How did you get to 520hp from 450hp? Oh you didn't.
meins kann er nicht toppen. Mercedes s65 AMG
thank you! but this is a s8 and not a8 :D
hast gehört....Taschengeld sparen :P
ist er türke? Was ist er vom beruf

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