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Ktm duke 200 speed in each gear Videos

Sportsbikeshop - Where i buy all my gear and 200 subs special ? - Ktm Duke 125cc

Sportsbikeshop - //www.sportsbikeshop.co.uk/ Hope you enjoyed the video and what do you think of this idea?...

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Enjoying your vids…although not sure why but the sound on this vid seems to be coming through only my right headphone o.O
Yh that is a problem as in this video I was using my other mic in which I forgot to switch it to use both sides of the mic :/

KTM 200 duke top speed with 38t rear spro...stock

It goes till 138 in 5 the gear...but in 6 th only 143 due to heavy crosswinds..please guess the top speed on dyno n comment...thank you....

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Hey which bikes sprocket you used on duke??
I used one from PULSAR 200 dtsi....
My duke...

Rok Bagoros in Mexico City with the KTM 200 Duke HD

The Duke 200 is a single cylinder naked bike powered by a 199.5cc, 4-stroke, fuel-injected powerplant with liquid-cooling, four-valves and a close ratio ...

KTM Duke 200 - 0 to 100 | IAMABIKER

The 0 -100 on the KTM Duke 200 during the //www.iamabiker.com review. Speeds calculated using GPS, on a bike that has done ~ 600 kms.

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Credevo che con la bellezza di 26 cavallifosse più veloce...invece un 125 da 15 cavalli come la mia r 125 su scatto gli sta attaccata al codino...e su allungo lo batte di all'incirca 7 KM/h...che schifo questo KTM!
@TheSamyap87 The Ninja 250 has a parallel twin 33bhp engine...and it only outdid this bike by 2+ seconds...that should speak volumes of what this bike is capable of...
ninja is 170 kg and the duke is only 126, 32 cv vs 26. Anyway I agree with the poor shifting, what the fuck is that guy waiting to shift up once the red light blinks
i dunno but they are in different class this one is naked bike and raider150 is UB i think ill go to the ninja 250 fi :)
I'm in the top comments. So guess which of us can not count ... 0:08 0Km/H (start) > 0:19 100Km/H 19 - 8 = 11 asshole !
Speed depends upon The kms bike has done + The time of Changing gear, U can much much far better than this video
Nice one :) enjoyed it thoroughly .. awaiting my Test ride for RE Desert Storm ... will upload that. Thnx
GoPro Video Duke 200 returns to inner ring road ;) - watch?v=cqdCWBwVF7s&feature=youtu.be&hd=1
more than 10 sec by the time it started it took nearly 10 sec or more in speedometer
@TheSamyap87 ninja 200? maybe 250? and he is not a good driver..(sorry but....)
9.5 sec is so slow for 200cc with light body... saw some ninja doing 7++ sec...
dude for a bike w/ only 11 kw? u dont know anything about bikes, thats for sure
If I'm not wrong, the KTM duke 200 should do it in about 7-8 sec, not 11
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