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Apple fruit jacket Videos

Apple Fruit iphone ipad Logo Jacket Patch Sew Iron on Embroidered Symbol Badge Cloth Sign Costume By

Dance Moms: Abby Gets Rid of Ava and Jeanette (S4, E30) | Lifetime

After Jeanette follows the team to Los Angeles, Abby has to dismiss both her and Ava for good, in this scene from Episode 30 (Hollywood Here We Come, Part 1) ...

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Just when it turns 0:44 Ava is trying to say something but the mom's keep talking over her
I mean 1:44
Who cares if she's tall why does it matter? It's not her problem she's tall. God made her tall it's one of Ava's insecurities we all have them. So everyone who has had an insecurity comment them below. Mine was being called annoying, and shorty I had a squeaky voice and a growth problem but that's what made me different and I'm glad to be who I am today. So what's your insecurity?
mine is being tall too
To know I'll never marry Seokjin, hyunseung, sehun or Taemin
Sorry but this was hilarious
Lmao if she's too tall then I'd be a giraffe next to them. I'm 5'11
+BlueChermernder YT Ohhhh well I still feel you
+Fanni Madarász 5'11
+BlueChermernder YT How tall are you?
+Fanni Madarász I'd rather be that than my height
ikr i'm 5'7"
Poor Ava, it was not nice to watch her being treated like that. I have to say though she handled the situation really well. X
It sucks that her mother had to drag her there to go through rejection again. Abby has told her that she's going to be successful and already is a great dancer but her mom is too muchhh
My name is Ava! Lol
why state the obvious
Ava was being so strong she was being so sweet and really it's only her mom
its not her mom its abby, i mean if abby didn't behave all rude and disrespectful i think most of the moms would act "normal" except for probably jill because she likes getting involved in other peoples business and she acts childish too and that causes drama
+Hailey Cupcake haha
+Josie Birch no FRANDOM!

Gallery Talk: The Beatles' Apple Boutique

//rockhall.com/inductees/the-beatles/ Opened in December 1967 on London's Baker Street, the Beatles' Apple Boutique closed less than a year later in July ...

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How long has this been in their collection? New? Old? I think that showing new pieces of their collection is better just to show people that they aren't showing old stuff over and passing it off as new. They also have a long way to go with their collections. I've been there a few times and it looks like the same stuff in different places in the building.
The Fab Four seriously did it all. Cool to see how their influence lives on!
SilverBeat - SoundClick Loves This!!!
me traumó el abrigo verde...

Inadequate Jacket - The Nature Diaries 266

Hello friends, my name is Lady Flora from the land of tri-colored herons and custard apples. I am currently filling my huge backyard with tropical fruit trees and ...

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Interesting. Nice jacket.
I do have to work at it sometimes but I hope to inspire people to be optimistic and appreciate nature!
+LadyFlora  Anytime, your such a positive person, tho, we are in dark times.
+MrMac5150 Thank you!

Slimming World Vlog Week 3 & Weigh In

MEASUREMENTS TAKEN SUNDAY 20th MARCH APPROX Hips - 57.5" Waist - 44.5" Bust - 48" Thigh - 33.5" Arm - 17.5" WEEK THREE 22nd –...

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congratulations xx I'm new subbie I'm thinking to join slimming world any advice
Spag boil .lazanya .roar dinner.grill up .pizza.kfc .burger king our family goes too LOL
+Hayleyb sparkle stitch and stick I think it's totally doable! As the mum you can either cook for yourself differently or just change the way you prepare you old family favourites :) There is always an alternative :) x
Thanks hun as being mother of 3 I'm 34 it's time to get these old bones moving I don't want to fat and 50 that rymend lol anyhow I'll pop along intergram xxxxxxxxxxxx thanks
Thank you so much ! Do it ! It's been a much easier journey given that I have quite a few friends/ friends of friends who are on SW that I can connect with to ask for help and encouragement ! It's great cause you're still allowed treat things, just in moderation. It's just a different way of cooking ! I joined class a few years ago but didn't keep up with it, this time I'm doing it online but you should definitely go to a class and see what it's like ! I think there's a voucher coming out soon that gives you a free session !I live alone which has good and bad sides... I can only cook the way I need to at mine, where as if I eat at my parents I have to ask them to cook differently etc... Feel free to find me on Instagram if you want to instant message! My name is on one of the descriptions on my channel x
Congratulations! Losing two pounds over Easter is a great achievement. And it shows that you can have something extra, off plan, as long as it's from time to time and not everyday :) I have fit bit charge and I think it's great as a fitness tracker, just not the best quality (I'm on my third within a year - luckily exchanged without any problems).
Thank you :) Trouble is there are no waterproof fit bits which is annoying ! x
congratulations on your loss- you must feel so pleased with yourself (& rightly so) x
Thank you x
Hey lovely! Congrats on your loss! I ate anything I wanted over easter, I didn't want to miss out with the kids, I did be on plan apart from going over syns on a few days and put on 2 1/2 lbs but it was worth it and i've no regrets but want to get it off next week lol. I have the fitbit flex, I like it and it tracks your sleep, argos keep putting them in the sale so keep an eye out or check eBay as there are some good deals. I am on week 8 and all i have been thinking about is food, it's bloody hard some weeks. Have another great week and if you need a buddy, drop me a line on instagram xx
That's not bad at all if you had an amazing Easter! I'm trying to be really good until IOW festival where I plan to eat and drink as much as I want to ! x

Module 5: How to Make Apple Juice with a Steam Juicer

This video walks through the process of making apple juice with a steam juicer.

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What a great intro!! Looks like a great family day :-) Your kids are so cute!! I have never heard of a steam juicer...where do you find one? This is a really great, informative video. Thanks for sharing your apple juice technique!!
WeminucheeWarrior, the method of Canning you described is old-fashioned and is now recognized as being potentially dangerous. High acid foods MUST be processed in a boiling water bath to ensure food safety and shelf stability.
Really enjoyed ur instructional! I have a steam juicer coming n the mail n will b watching more of ur how to's! Thanks! Also I keep my lid lifter stuck to the top of the fridge all the time! That way I don't loose it!
What a palaver, and all that steam. Puts me right off buying the steamer to juice fruit. Surely you don't have to do all that boiling and sterilizing. Lovely kids though.
I used to remove the peels then run the apples through a food mill after juicing. what you end up with is exactly the right consistency for making apple butter.
Yes! That sounds great! Just have the lids ready to go as if u were gonna water bath but u don't have to right? I luv being able to do things faster! Thanks!!
I learned a lot from watching your video! You live in such a beautiful area and your kids are adorable!
Wonderful instructional, step by step video. Thank you. Where and how much do you pay for your juicer?
can you keep the apples for applesauce?
Great Video.....adorable kids!!

Slow motion bullet through various objects

Slow motion bullet through various objects.

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holy shit I thought that was gonna be bad for a second XD
I know huhI was like No not A bullet in the Boys head
Guns Don't Kill People... Pepole Kill GUNS
lol fuck too funny
How does one kill a gun?
+Wade Baggett shoot it with a bigger gun.
love how all the white people are making this about them
+mrmaster9875 Its about everyone, not just the black people.
Why he have to be black hey just saying
+Christain Stubbs whyd u notice he was black O.o
Racist motherfucker
Should do one showing rocks being throw at objects. And a message about banning all rocks.
+HerrBusackPossibly. But my underlying point was it doesn't matter if bullets are banned. Dead is dead. How much brain matter gets thrown on the wall has no relevance.
+Anon Mason you're mixing things up. you're all about rocks, which means 'banning the bullet', right?
I guess if gun kill people that means cars drive drunk spoons make people fat and pencils misspell works. I'll let you know one thing i'm currently in college and there a some foreign exchange students from Brazil and they came over to my house for the weekend and when target shooting and they asked me if it was legal for us to own fire arms and i said yes..... and i asked them if it is legal in there county and they said no... THEY SAID THE CRIME RATE IS UNBELIEVABLE.. They ask me if we have that problem here and i said no........ the only problem we are having right now in the United States is are younger youth are not doing nothing but play violent videos game all day long which ill show you part of my research paper i did last year for Expository Writing one. It is called the First-Hand Role in Killing Process Boys aged 8 – 18 surveyed in this research spent 40 minutes a day playing computer or video games. The number of violent interactions in a 10-minute play period ranged from 2 to 124. In 98 percent of the games surveyed, aggression went unpunished. In fact, in more than half the video games the perpetrators were rewarded for their aggressive actions. The basic prototype for aggression in Mature-rated video games involves human perpetrators who engage in repeated acts of “justified” violence involving weapons. 78 percent of all violent interactions in the first ten minutes of game play featured lethal violence. In almost a quarter of the violent interaction in mature games, players perceived themselves as stalkers. 78 percent of the violent action was shown up close. Almost half of all violent video game segments featured humor. Only 10 percent of all video game perpetrators possessed “good” or “prosocial” qualities. Resolve Conflicts through Violence. Violent video games show kids how to express themselves physically, in a violent way. It's already way easier for a child to push another child when they're angry than to express their emotions and resolve a conflict through words. Violent video games are leading to Inappropriate Sex. Just like you wouldn't allow your child to go to or rent a rated R movie because of its inappropriate sexual content, many violent games are just as bad, if not worse. In conclusion, the haunting statistics of mass murders inside our schools, shopping malls, and business by young teenage boys and young men is astounding. Twenty-five years ago me parents never questioned their safety at school, at the movies, or at work. There were no daily headline containing such carnage and there were no such violent video games to corrupt such young minds to carry out such heinous actions, not to mention the increased disrespect and violence toward women, and the increased rate of inappropriate teenage sex. Thomas Jefferson and the Founding Fathers would be appalled at how the meanings of their words have been twisted for others to gain great wealth at the expense of youth. and if you don't believe me here are my Cited Sources • Smith, S.L., Lachlan, K.A., & Tamborini, R. (2003). Popular Video Games: Quantifying the Presentation of Violence and its Context. Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, 47 (1). • -- Laura St. John 8 Ways Violent Games Are Bad for Your Kids
+Mike Ward The numbers aren't astronomical. It's the lowest thing on the list killing people in our country. Getting rid of influenza would save more lives. We're not getting rid of our guns, and especially not by the request of a country who oppressed us from the very beginning. My ancestors came to this country on the Mayflower and fought in the revolutionary war. My family still fights to preserve our liberties to this day. You know and understand nothing. I've actually been in fights before (unprovoked). I've carried firearms and I understand what they are and what they can do in real life (not movies). Despite having the power to do so, I've never killed anyone, and I never want to. But, I would if I had no other choice to protect my family. A choice you'll never have. You have "Big Brother" to do that for you. Except they won't. They'll be there to clean up your dead body after the fact.To enhance what Justin is saying, I talked to a Ukrainian the other day who witnessed the overthrow of power in his country. Shortly after, he saw the firearms confiscated in his country. Then, he saw the tyranny and oppression that followed by criminals, marauders, and even government. Our guns aren't going anywhere. You can disagree all you want, but you'll never understand it like we do. You can couch commando numbers all day. I live it. America will never be breached as long as "there is a rifle behind every blade of grass".
hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!  That's never going to happen!!!!!i tell you what.... i'll stop arming up when criminals do....
Hehe, pencils misspell works.But seriously...get rid of your guns and that shocking statistic drops to virtually zero. Gun crime in the UK is almost non-existent as guns are illegal compared to the US where guns are legal and the gun related crimes are astronomical. Although your high school paper has some interesting basic foundations on desensitisation.:)

Unzip an apple in Photoshop (Part 1 of 2) - Week 26

If you're a fan of the worth1000.com style of photoshop, you'll have seen unzipped images many times before. In part 1 of this tutorial digital expert Gavin Hoey ...

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After spending a couple of hours finding an item of clothing with the right coloured zip, the material that was correct, taking the time to photograph it and editing it in photoshop, I then found out this doesn't work unless you find a zip that fits exactly right, the right width and everything, as the liquify doesn't work very well if you your zip sides are too close together. You can't use a big brush, as it interferes with the other side of the zip, so you're just doing a click-fest with a small brush. It just looks a mess. Annoying after an afternoon's work, and getting nothing as a result. Waste of time. Not your fault, Gavin, but it would have been better to say at the beginning that the sides of the zip and the gap in the apple be about the same.
+ElizabethR1558 I know this is old, but you can puppet wrap or use the same effect to warp the zip as the apple just do it slow, or you will over distort. :) Puppet wrap would be so much easier, but that option is not on all photoshops.
Instead of liquefy would puppet warp work on the newer software? And would it be better?
+Taylor Duong Thanks
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