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Apple fruit quality control Videos

Summer Thinning Apple Trees

Michigan State University Horticulture educator Bob Tritten shows how to thin out apple trees in order to improve the quality and quantity of next years fruit.

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Despite the following comments/ questions I enjoyed and appreciated your video. 2:46 Whoops is that the removal of a fruiting spur? I was told to thin them sooner in the year, as in nickel sized, is this incorrect? I like the idea of waiting for the fruit drop on larger projects. You appear to have a rather sizable orchard, do you really thin them all using your thumb nail? If so how does that thumb nail stay attached?
Thank you for your advice on Thinning Apple Trees, I will try and put your knowledge to good use.
wouldnt it be easier to thin it when they first form rather than when they have grown?
Middle of 2013 and this vidio is still helping people. Thanks Bob!
Well, that is more than I ever knew. Many thanks Mr Tritten
Really useful video, thank you.

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il percorso che fa una mela melinda dalla pianta fino al consumatore.

Hand Thinning an Apple Tree with Steve Smith

Steve Smith of Smiths' Apples and Farm Market in Port Elgin, Ontario, Canada explains the need to balance the fruit load on apple trees in order to produce ...

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good video steve! if you have time you should do more videos on pruning or even just videos on apples in general like caring for the orchard and irrigating with drip tape and such. or even grafting/budding i enjoyed your videos Thanks!... David Janssens
Thanks for making these great videos Steve, very much appreciated!
very instructive, thanks

Apple Bagging in Frogtown

Folks from the Minnesota Project's Fruits of the City Program came out to teach Frogtowners how to manage pests and improve fruit quality.

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well, how did the experiment work out?

Beating Apple Replant Disorders

Speaker: Tom Auvil, Research Horticulturist Affiliation: Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission (WTFRC), Wenatchee, WA 98801 Synopsis: Mr. Auvil ...

Apple Orchard Walk, July 2012

In the summer of 2011, I started an orchard of heritage apples in Southwest Michigan. The project was designed to explore the impact of growing fruit trees in the ...

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Looks like a nice place you've got there. I'm looking forward to more videos on the orchard in future. How is the deer netting working for you? We have a lot of deer here in Saskatchewan, so I have to protect each tree too.

Real Quality Promise

A look at the approval process of each Real juices tetra pack prior to sale. Process control with modern technologies and experienced professionals ensure top ...

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So Much of NIFTEM in one Video. Kudos Devendra Sir, Alina Man & Ashwini Man!!!!
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