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Fruit apple nail art tutorial Videos

Fruit Nail Art Series 2 - Do it Yourself | KhoobSurati.com

//khoobsurati.com/make-up/nails/nail-colour - Fruit Nail Art Series 2 Tutorial For Beginners!!!!! Watch Our Other Videos We are Providing Link Below: 1.

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very beautiful nail art
+Gautami Kapoor Thank You :)
very colorful juicy fruit on the nails..
+Mamta Sharma I hope it also inspires you to eat some healthy diet :PBTW Thanks :)

Mix & Match FRUIT Nail Art Design Tutorial

Link To My Spanish Channel: //www.youtube.com/user/LOVE4NAILSenEspanol Hello You Guys!!! Happy Friday ~ I love all kinds of fruits, but some of my ...

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I LOVE IT!, I'm starting in this and i have sooo many questions, but first... is this normal, shellac or acrylic? and how does it dry? you use something or what..? because i see that between the base color and the design you dont stop it to dry Thanks!
I really appreciate how you continue to bring us designs that can be done on short or long nails.(after all nails do break) Since the guesswork has been taken out, this mades it easier for us to try if we care to. Keep them coming!!
Love your nail art you have a real gift do you think you could do a lana del rey v style nail art I haven't found a good video on this look and realy love it thank you hope you have a great weekend :)
Very creative! When you have time I would love to see a video on how you organize all your supplies and how you clean your tools. Oh, an some new toenail designs would be great lol =)
Your nails are growing out fast! I love your art so much, it is an inspiration! I have tried many and they always come out great thanks to your detailed instructions. Thank you!!
Thank you so much, Its a true pleasure making videos. I have the best viewers. I'll continue to upload Friday videos for as long as I can :) Have a Great Weekend*
I purchased the brush from a local beauty supply store, but I'm sure you can find a similar one on ebay, or even try your local beauty supply store :)
I watch your videos every Friday. I love them. You have become a part of my Fridays. As always thanks for sharing your designs. Simply fabulous.
Right? I would be scared having one at home. I would imagine it moving at night while I'm asleep. Maybe I watch too many movies!! lol
Your nails are so nice and you are so imaginative! You must get lots of compliments when people see your nails when you are out! :D
This maybe a dumb question, but do u do nails for a living and do u wear gloves while doing other nails to protect your designs
waoooooooooooooo you the best person in youtube may everything easy you the best here in you tube im so happy thanks a lot :)
can u do ur pink and white hearts video since ur cameras beter and you have ome along ways since then also plz and hanks
Ugh, I really don't enjoy watching you paint the ugly short nail, I prefer you painting your pretty ones while filming(:
I love this design, I think its my favorite one to date. I did it on both my toes and fingers and everybody loved it.
This design is so fun and cute. Love it! May I ask where you found the nail striping brush. Thank you and God bless.
bien bonitas como siempre pero ns ubiera gustado mas ver como te pintabas tus uñas tuyas jiji bueno un saludo amiga
please let your nails grow long again...your loooong nails are the reason why I subscribed to your channel!!!:/
I really prefer when you paint your own nails and not the practice nails. Just some constructive criticism.

Kiwi Fruit Nail Art Tutorial - Great for Beginners!

Really Simple nail art tutorial today! These kiwi inspired nails were really simple to do and look really cool. Try them out and don't forget to show me! Find me on ...

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Cool design, perfect for summer. Tfs xoxo

Easy; Miniature Apple Polymer Clay Tutorial

Nail art channel; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB-LgMmYfzxxSlXLOz3mhWQ second channel; ...

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What can I replace glaze with? Perhaps something that is cheap or I have at home already (I have several types of clear spray coat like dullcote and krylon)? Thanks! :D
+SugarCharmShop ok thanks!
+theatlanticvoyage aj if you want to replace the glaze with a different coat, just make sure it's compatible with polymer clay (eg. nail polish is not compatible and will cause the clay to get sticky or yellow over time) - I really do recommend getting a polymer clay glaze though :) They're only a few dollars
What is glace?
I think she said glaze there was a footnote
what kind of glaze do you use?
+Ira Surjadiputra I don't think it matters
hi what kind of colors are utilized? thanks
+DANIELE CANINO I think she uses champagne for the apple base and uses a variety of reds, greens, yellows, and browns as the chalk pastel shading. Hope this helped! :)
Hi Tanja. I want to thank you for making this cute realistic apple tutorial. You made my life easier. One question, can I apply the pastel before baking then glaze it later? 
+Vendellyn JY its better to do it after baking because water mixed with the clay will be very soft and un easy to handle
por favor ponlo en español 
I don't speak spanish.
I love your videos but can you make somthing easier
I think this one is super easy <3I'm sorry if you think my tutorials are too hard to recreate, but I focus on more detailed and realistic looking pieces, so there's a limit to how simple it can be made.However there are tons of channels on youtube with extremely simple videos for polymer clay <3
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