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Apple fruit wine making Videos

Beyond the Grape at Robinette's Apple Haus & Winery

Fruit Winemaking Class - 6-4-2011 - part 1

This is part one of a Fruit Winemaking Class. On Saturday, June 4th, 2011, Beth Mikulay taught a Strawberry and Rhubarb fruit wine class at Midwest Supplies.

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Why is that baby screaming in the background? Who would bring a baby to a wine making class? That is so rude. Other students can't enjoy the class because of the racket that baby is making. LEAVE THE BABY HOME NEXT TIME !!!!!!
too much talk , more winemaking 
wow Beth! you are HOT!!!

Grape harvest 2015 and wine making

I've harvested the Black Hamburg grapes and put them through my newly acquired Vigo fruit press (I've since discovered some tweaking is required to the ...

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What a lovely load of grapes. It's been really good for grapes this year. All the best. Dan.
+Home Gardens. Thanks Dan - yes its been pretty good this yearappreciate you looking in regardsWoody
beautiful looking grapes
+LCJ farms Thank you LCJ farmsI appreciate you stopping byall the bestWoody
Nice mate I might start drinking again now ;-) I need to pick grapes too.
Be too late for this year. But a trip to Germany I might find some. I am just happy my bay city rollers trousers went in the bin
+Southpaw Davey that's marvellous - I could do with losing half a stone so maybe I can follow your example and reduce a 'little' - I guess its all about moderation :)would it be too expensive to order the wine making stuff from t'internet?
I have yet to find the stuff for brewing wine here we made jam with them last year. I gave up the nightly relaxing beer and lost two stone. I can fit in the trousers I had in the late 80s ;-)
+Southpaw Davey Hey there! hope I have not encouraged you to start something for the wrong reasons!! hope you've had a good harvest this year and if you do start brewing? will you do some uploads?regardsWoody
I got rid of my indoor and outdoor vines and replaced them with verieties more suited to up north so both vines are immature but I allowed a bunch on each to test the sugar levels. On the Bacchus indoor I got a Brix of 17% which would give a potential alcohol of 9% and the outdoor Madeline Angervine a Brix of 19% potential alcohol of 10-11% which was much better than the Pinot Noir I used to have. However the sugar level may drop with more bunches on so we'll see next year. ( Discovery 14% Red Falstaff 11% St Edmunds Pippin 15% Egremont Russet 13% Brix. I'm just going round with my new toy testing everything lol.)
+catscats50 Wow! I love the sound of that toy - I want one!!!with this late autumnal sunshine, I guess we are getting a little more sugar every day the new vines sound promising- you must do a lot of research :)Woody
Very interesting and informative video Woody, I may get some grapes next year off my vines, but how many bunches do you recommend leaving on for a first year fruiting.
+Terry King Hi Terry - as with most things fruit, you are probably better off not allowing too many bunches in its first fruiting year; it depends of course on the variety, vigour and size of the vine.  A rough 'guess-timate' might be to allow 9-12 inches between the bunches.hope that helps TerryregardsWoody
Smashing haul of grapes. Very well done. I definitely covet that fruit press. Do you use it for cider as well? The improvement sounds to me like a great idea. I will be really interested to hear how the wine turns out. Great video and best of luck with it mate.
+Aaron's allotment Hi Aaron - yes its a really well made piece of kit and I'm sure once modified, will do a great job of pressing my apples - I'll do a little follow up video on that and of course review the outcome of the finished wine.regardsWoody
Nice work woody the juice looked a very clear colour . With the bag of pulp the colour will be nice anyway. Look forward to watching progress .
+Patrick Meehan thanks Patrick - I'll do a little follow up as we go alongtake careWoody
I've just looked at my world wine atlas and its official that you are the worlds most northerly wine maker ?!! Aren't you and Mrs Woody meant to treading those grapes in your bare feet ??!!
+Ian Knockton heh heh! I like the sound of being the worlds most northerly wine makerMrs woody's feet are far too pretty to be squelching around in a big tub of grapes, besides; she'd be too fearful of the moment I took my socks off :)

Fruit Winemaking Class - 6-4-2011 - part 4

This is the final part (part 4) of a Fruit Winemaking Class that occurred on Saurday, June 4th, 2011. Taught by Beth Mikulay, the class covers making wine with ...

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Thanks Midwest for posting! While I knew some of the "basics" she gave a lot of helpful tips and info in this class. Well worth watching.
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