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Radford university eye Videos

Radford University Harlem Shake

Eye to Eye Big Wheeling

"Big Hair, Tall Heels, Small Town" A Short Documentary about Drag

This is a 7 minute documentary I created about Drag Queens in a small town area (Roanoke, VA). I want to thank Radford University, Roanoke Pride, Alexis ...

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this is awesome. i am moving to roanoke and this gives me hope. gives me LIFE 
Thank you so much! That is exactly why I wanted to make this video. I really appreciate your feedback and comments! Roanoke is a great City, especially considering we are in the bible belt..=D

Third Eye Blind Concert, Club La Vela, Panama City Beach, Florida, 4/3/10 part 9/10

Third Eye Blind - Water Landing - Live NYE in DC

all time low & third eye blind at bamboozel; jumper

Third Eye Blind Live @ Kingston Armory - Slow Motion

Third Eye Blind live @ the crorc rock 2010 - Don't Believe a Word and Semi Charmed Life

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We were right in the front and the people Stephan landed on . He looked and me and said with his eyes, "I'm gonna put my foot there". Then I was like, "Oh sh*t he's gonna jump" then he landed on my friends. HAHA! My friend Melissa had Stephan's legs wrapped around her. She didn't as much as she thought she would. HA!
i was there, rite were that guy was thrown on his back at 1:05 lol, awsome concert
3eb at the croc rock? nice!
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