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Bugatti price ypol Videos

Gotham steel pan review

Do not buy this pan. If they would just be honest when advertising, people wouldnt get mad. Ive used it under ten times and everything sticks to it. Cant fry eggs ...

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I've never used one but I'm watching videos like this to help me decide. My question is, since most of the people I saw getting good results seasoned the pan before their first use (with plans to do so again in a few months) by letting the pan cook grease with the heat 1/3 of the way up for 5-10 minutes while smoking, then avoid grease after, did you try that? If not, can you post a video that shows whether it makes any difference after you do? Also, a lot of people getting good results seemed to be using gas stoves. Is yours gas, electric or induction? And do you find it makes any difference if you stay at medium heat (max 5 on a 1-10 scale). Like I said, I have not used it - I'm just reading a lot of reviews, watching videos and very curious.
+thepalalias no problem at all, thanks for your input
+chugginbeers goondar I have no idea how people would know - I was just trying to find out if it would work. Thanks for letting me know it didn't in your case.
i did that, and i cant cook a fried egg. the company will be sued eventually. they WOULD NOT rwturn the $40 dollar piece of shit. hopefully this video screws them out of a lot of money. p.s., how would people know to season the pan if the manufacturer mentions NOTHING about it?

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Newegg TV: IN WIN GreenMe 650W 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Power Supply Overview

//www.newegg.com | Power Supply: //bit.ly/QAoMQR 17-374-032 Here's a GreenMe 650W 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Power Supply, made by IN WIN, ...

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Paul doesn't know that much... to some he may sound like it. He's no sharper than 3/4 of the people who view these videos. Just look at who he brought for the water cooling episode. He's clueless to things beyond a putting parts on a mobo. Bet he's never setup MS-DOS, Pascal, Basic, or knows more about a gpu beyond the project names. If he can build his own phase change setup... not just know a motherboards features. I assure you, he's just employed to be what he is... Partly in the know.
I tolerate Paul and he grows on you like moss on a tree, unavoidable truth. This girl is good though, is a great speaker and very quick witted in her reviews. Paul stumbles quite a bit and seems to always pronounce things wrong. He's weak in the force and that's the same as Joanne. I think some guys just like hearing a guy talk or something... bromance! I guess I'm one of the few fans of Joanne with her always perfect speech and hardware analysis. She's a good reviewer...
The difference is paul knows what he's talking about. Joanne's is either scripted or a simple product she has done many times before. Paul deals with the high end and new products. He is the brains behind the entire TV staff, even if he's not the best speaker. Joanne works there because one of her relatives is a newegg high-up. She has no prior computer hardware experience.
I have a question, I have never used a power supply with a fan on top, always had fans in back pushing air out or dual fans. does these power supplies suck in air or push out? I don't have mesh on top of my case.
I typically avoid Paul's videos unless it's something I specifically am interested in, whereas I will go out of my way to watch Joanne even if I have no interest in the product, lol. I love listening to her voice.
Graphics cards usually use less than 100w themselves, it says 400 so you have enough to run everything else. If you get a 700w you should be fine as long as you aren't wanting to run 4 680s or something.
Only a dollar.....I think they could afford a little more than that. Dont get me wrong, thanks for you contribution but....come on
Anything that Joanne reviews is okay with me!!! Makes any product look good.. At least you end up watching till the end.
3/4 of the viewers? Neither you are overestimating the intelligence of Youtube ppl or underestimating Paul's knowledge.
That 400w usually account a little bit for CPU, but yes like an 850watt will be more then enough depending on the card.
I have a gpu that requires 400wats power but if i get another to run in sli will i need an 800+wats power supply?

Chilled Semen Kit

Packaging Instructions.

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can I use any ice pack
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