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Vw thing fiberglass body Videos

JD Rogers VW trike

1971 Volks Wagon engine, 1986 Kawasaki Ninja frame under custom hand made fiberglass body.

Dan's Performance Parts fiberglass Long Body Manx

Dan's Performance Parts is now carrying MGM/FRP's newest version of Manx style Long body which has a larger dash, corrected fuel tank angle, larger rear ...

Fiberglass Dune Buggy 1

This is an old Dune Buggy I bought last year. Needs some work , but I love this thing. Always wanted one. The body has a little damage, and the original chassis ...

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who made the knock off?
+Dennis Farris Not sure. maybe this will help: //www.dunebuggyarchives.com/groups/dunebuggyarchives/7999/Re:%20%20Rick%20-%20El%20Lobo%20question
does anyone know if they sold the molds to anyone. I have a Mark III we built in the mid 70's and we are doing a frame up restoration on it now and I would love to get a new hood
+Dennis Farris I don't have a good answer Dennis. I know there was a knock-off copy made, but it is slightly different.


Say what? Nope, this is a reproduction of the '29 Ford Model A.built by the Shay Motors Corporation to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1928 -29 Model A's.

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This is a Camelot Phaeton, very rare. Camelot took over from Shay after Shay declared bankruptcy, using the tools/dies from Shay. Camelot produced the 1929 Model A roadster, roadster pickup, 1955 and 1957 Thunderbird and a handful of the 1929 Phaeton's.
+55lincolnIf you can send me the link to the video I can check it out.
OH, many thanks for that info!  Facts of which I knew nothing about.  I appreciate you commenting on this video.  Please look at a recently uploaded video of a Model A.  I need to know if this is a roadster with a rumble seat or does it just have a trunk?  Many thanks again.

NXP Logic Mobile (Go-Kart)

Take one child's electric go-kart toy. Dramatically upgrade the drive system. Add a custom fiberglass body and advanced automotive electronics. It's the NXP ...

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That makes bodykit make it UGLY!
Dam thats bad ass

1970 Volkswagen-Karmann Ghia-Mounting the Body On The Pan-Part 4-DONE!

Pete and the "CLOWN CREW", finally get the VW Ghia all back togeather, and it looks ??????... Well you be the judge---Leave A COMMENT AND RATING ON ...

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Nice job guys!! Pete....Why is the body mounted to the chassis and then painted? Is this the normal way to do it? I will be restoring a ghia in the near future and was going to get the body painted before fitting it to the chassis. Some advice required Please!! Oh yeah and........GET ER DONE!!!!! LOL...
WOW HI CAMERA KEN. I was in Petes position mounting the body of the beetle on.. and that shiz is heavy. And we just had two of us and that was a bad idea :P Now the body is on the fun starts ;)
What the ? Pete , i bet your blood pressure is off the chart,s at time,s !! Car is look,n good .. ! Been watch,n your video,s and there a great help .. Thank You .. !
if you had a dumbass detector hooked up in your shop, wouldnt be to long before you unhooked it from it going off all the time... " whats a bolt hole " lol seriously
wow minnie did an awesome job (like the the little pose) and the car looks great i really like the way the car sits with just a slight rake to it.:)
lookin good pete mini did more work than ken lol i'd hate to piss u off the way u handle that body there would'nt be any thing left of me lol
are we all friend here ok good yall did a shity fucken job now get out of my fucking way ur so epic pete u da man!!!!!!! im lmfao over here
yeah, this is going to be so nice when she's done. sweeter than hell.... not that hell is sweet probably but you get the picture... lol!
looks like you got a fine crew there pete, what a nice job, looking real good, man these videos are great.
man,when tha thing gets the colour on it's going to be one sweet Dak Dak.
VW steve you have got something to be proud of there.going to be cool.
I think minnie carried the most weight back there..
finally! the stance of that thing is awesome! :D
Gotta use Pete's favorite word...AWESOME!!!
looks real good steve
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