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Vw thing windshield rubber Videos

how to make your own gasket

when you do not have a machine made one, this is the next best thing.

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I have a leaking carburetor and I plan on making a new gasket for it, but I am not sure what type of paper I can use. Can I use pretty much anything? Like the paper from an orange juice? Or do I need to buy some special gasoline-resistant gasket paper? 
+mustie1 Thanks a lot. I appreciate it. I will go check that out. PS. My leaking carburetor is for another car (a UAZ-469b), but I actually have a VW Transporter myself. It's a T3, 1.7 Turbodiesel engine, 9 seats, from 1990. No rust. I love it. It's the most practical car I have ever had. It still baffles me that they discontinued the series and started producing that horrible T4...  
you would need special paper good for gas, your local auto parts store should have it,
what a great how to vid bro, big cheers for teaching us brother..
Wow that is frigging cool man great video. I had a 72 bug back in the late 70's It was a great car, but took forever to get heat from the heat box. Are parts still kinda cheap like they used to be.
Yep im a regular but its allways good to be reminded how to do something, especially if we havnt made a gasket for a while. When i was a lad, i used the back of a cornflakes box lol, works fine, as long as its just a general gasket. I used to use red hylomar to glue the paper to the surface, then go round with a craft knife, just another way :-))
+smallweightslol good, im not the only one ha ha :-))
I also have used cornflake boxes, & used blue hylomar both sides of the card  for use with water pumps, never had one leak yet!
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