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Vw thing wiper switch Videos

2012 Ford Focus: Wiper Service Mode

Sorry about the squeak! This is service mode for wiper blade changing and things like that. Like I said in the video, push and hold the wiper stalk immediately ...

User Comments

What is the Wiper light mode in settings, it says it is suppose to turn on headlight when wipers are on. I have failed at getting this feature to work, do you how to use it?
That feature is a load of crap.  My Fusion and Milan would do that automatically when the wipers were in any mode and the lights were set to "Auto."  In the Focus, it only turned the lights on when the wipers are on LO or HI which makes no sense to me at all...the lights should come on at any wiper speed because people adjust the wiper speed frequently and the lights should just be on the whole time. 
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