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Robben ford far away Videos

Argentina - Ciudad de la furia【Robben Ford | Far Away】

Robben Ford Far Away DOWNLOAD https://mega.co.nz/#!BRFB1IST!IGp80TgW1sshS430RfWb5WmCV_Q7VakGHR9B63Ny_mM.

Robben Ford - Nobody's Fault But Mine

From the album "Truth" (2007)

Robben Ford - Save your night for me.

Robben Ford - Love's a heatach LP 1983.

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This album originally was released in the 1980's and was extremely hard to find. It was originally billed as Kazu Matsui feat. Robben Ford, Kazu being the shakahachi playing husband of smoothe jazz pianist Keiko Matsui. Robben sings a few on this, and takes a few solos. He really isn't heavily featured. "Sun Lake" is the closing instrumental featuring a fab flowing guitar solo, and there are only a couple of others. He plays guitar synth (only time ever for him?) on 1 cut. The songs are great, pop jazz similar to Marc Jordan and David Foster/Chicago type tunes, real melodic.
Un pezzo spettacolare..........

Robben Ford - Hawk's Theme

Track 3 From The Album "Schizophonic" Released In 1976 By Avenue Jazz Records.

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Thank You Brian. Greetings from Rio de Janeiro!
This RULES!!!!!
hell yea

So Far Away-The Crusaders feat. Larry Carlton

CRUSADERS doing it with former band member, Larry Carlton!!

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Larry Carlton was nice Darren but Ray Parker and Larry Graham also played guitar with the fabulous Crusaders, my personal favorite was Mr. Davit T. Walker.
+gary kelly Sorry David T.
I almost wore out the album Chain Reaction!!
+Gerri Hart YES!, we never tired of listening to this piece!
Love these guys, last year we lost Joe Sample and Wayne Henderson. We still have their music.
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Robben Ford Lick

Classic Robben Ford blues lick transcribed from "Tee Time for Eric'' (Montreux Jazz Festival circa 1983-4-5 ish)

User Comments

can you play it more slowly it's hard to get the pull-off's and legato stuff thx
Great lick, really tasty.....I will use this a lot. Thanks
very cool....thx

Kid Colling - Tribute to Robben Ford (Blues Night Dudelange)

The Kid Colling Cartel performing a tribute to Robben Ford with Worried life Blues at the ''Blues Night'' op der Schmëlz in Dudelange. Kid Colling - vocal guitar ...
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