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Robben ford bonnie chords Videos

Julian Homer jamming over Bonnie by Robben Ford

Bonnie Raitt - Slow Ride (by Bonnie Hayes, A. Pessis, L.J. McNally)

'Luck of the Draw' album, 1991. Incredible songwriting, arrangement, rhythm section and ............. what a guitar duet! Slide guitar parts pour like melting chocolate ...

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Bonnie has kept me plenty of company when I have needed her songs--slow ride
There she is again.......singing MY heart out!!! :-)
bonnie raitt and robben ford..........NICE!
Amazing to listen to cool stuff

Boogie Blues Chord Progression - Grateful Dead - Going Down the Road Feeling Bad

Try my Lessons //www.guitarjamz.com.

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Hey Marty just started watching your videos and just starting to try and teach myself guitar and your vids really help I was just wondering since you are friends with RyMo from Slightly Stoopid there should be some SS songs on here! Slightly Stoopid was the main reason I wanted to learn guitar so it would be great if we could see one of their songs up here! Any of them will do they all rock, wiseman, closer to the sun, mellow mood, anything! thanks!! these videos lessons do help ALOT!
Dear marty , Can you lay down some finger pickin styles? You probably already have some... your a great teacher and I think it would be beneficial for all of your follower's to have a lesson in traditional finger-picking styles... to maximize the amount of information obtained , to learn this kind of style... If this could have been said I'd love some feedback and i am hoping everyone is progressing and having fun! Thanks marty!
what would you say is more important for a beginner to properly and accurately learn a chord, grabbing it and playing the shiz out of it or slowly transitioning (training a change) from one chord to the one you're trying to learn, but since only a sith deals with the absolutes i'd say neither is more important but both are equally relevant, so i don't need an answer i just had to get that out of the system
Marty, did you see J Mayer over the summer? I saw him twice with the daughter in the philly area and I can unequivocally say that Goin down the road was the highlight of the night! I have seen the dead at least 50 times back in the day and JM's version is way better. He ripped one of the tastiest leads of the night towards the end. He just rocked the house!
Marty I love it man i just learned this....also i like helping out the community so if anyone out there doesnt have benefits, life insurance, dentail or vision i can help out just check out sozolife dot com/lilnagle and my contact info is @ the bottom....MARTY keep on rocking brother!
Hey Marty, just wondering if you could listen to Switchblade from Incubus and think about making a lesson of it. I think it's a cool song to play along but ther's no tabs to find anywhere. Greetz
I've been wondering what model martin that is. If you somehow read this comment let me know I am looking for my next guitar and this one might be it.....Another Great Video By The Way......
Marty is that a Martin D 28 u r playing? It looks like a martin headstock but i have never seen a Martin cutaway. Seen any WILD HORSES by the Rolling stones???? Thank you!! Bdl
I'm trying to find where to request a song and don't see it on the link you provided in some earlier videos. I'd love to see you do I Remember You by Skid Riw
you're awesome! could you please do a how to play for 'gun' 'taking on the world's it's a great song I think you'd like it, if you don't know it already!
OMG bro, that was beautifully done. I'm not sure how you did it without smoke coming off of the neck. You didn't say anything about that. Keep rockin.
Hi Marty, could u please check out my cover of itchycoo park on my channel please n let me know what u think? Much appreciated! Musicola79
Marty, your videos are excellent and much appreciated. Great approach, good pacing and lots of fun to follow along. Thanks so much.
your videos are great man! i don't know how i could have learned guitar without them or even how to thank you for teaching me.. thanks!
Could you PLEASE do a tutorial on Barefoot Bluejean Night by Jake Owen, I love that song and I cant find a good tutorial on it.
Awesome tutorial! I was wondering if you could teach us the guitar solo in "sing for the moment' by Eminem. Much appreciated! :)
Dude you rock! Can you please make tutorial for Por Una Cobeza! It's a lovely tango, I'm sue you'll enjoy it too!!!! Thanks
What's the strumming pattern for this? I'm a beginner and not at the point where I can just hear one and figure it out.
WOW! I always wanna learn the little improv bits more than the song once you do them Marty! haha awesome vid thanks!
hey marty! found this awesome song, can you plz do a video to this? watch?v=-fS5RElqszw (listen before you downvote me)
Hey marty.. please make an tutorial on in your atmosphere by john mayer. THANKS! :D by the way... great tutorials!
Great lesson but I am having trouble picking single notes without breaking the strumming pattern any suggestions?
Marty please post a video teaching how to play Heaven nor Hell by Volbeat. I can't find a vid for it anywhere.
Could you explain why c# minor is the relative minor. Or how I can figure any scales relative minor ?
Marty can you do a tutorial on how to play really don't care by Demi lovato i would be so grateful:)

12 Bar blues harmonica tab (compo en triangle)

Un cours sur le 12 bar blues avec des motifs différents sur chaque accord. C'est une leçon pour débutant, mais qui va te donner des notions intermédiaires et ...

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Salut Benjamin, en travaillant ces exercices, je me demande: pour les mesures en C, tu tires le trou 1 mais c'est un ré. Or l'accord de C est composé de do, mi et sol soit 2 poussé, 2 tiré et 1 poussé (sens horaire)… peux-tu m'expliquer pourquoi tu préfères tirer le 1? Merci! 
Merci Benjamin
+Laurent Gauthier salut Laurent! l'imporant est la note de départ! tu ne fais pas l'arpège de l'accord mais juste un motif qui commence sur un note de celui ci! au pire tu pourrais voir ca comme sa 9ème, mais ce n'est pas l'exercise.par contre bravo pour ta question, on voit que tu as de la théorie dans le corps!
Bonjour g une question , j'ai un harmonica a 16 trous de la marque " stellaalpina " et je peux souffler des deux côtés de l'instrument . Peut-tu m'en dire plus sur cette marque ou pourquoi je peux produire des notes des deux côtés. Merci 
+Slayer Bonamassa salut! donc je te dirais qu'avec une petite recherche sur internet j'ai vue une photo qui me fait penser à un harmonica tremolo ou en octave. Pour la marque je ne la connais pas. J'ai commencé sérieusement à travailler l'harmonica tremolo cette année avec le répertoire de la musique traditionnelle du Québec et c'est un monde incroyable! Tout dépend de l'étât de ton harmonica, mais tu risques d'avoir de bons moments avec ton harmonica!....mais il se peut aussi qu'il soit désaccordé avec le temps....bref voilà pour le peu d'info que je peux te donner!

Triad Use in Blues Progressions...

//www.andrewwasson.com/ Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers questions from off of his Guitar Blog website... Q). I was wondering if it was ...

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WHAT? You are phukin dumb as a rat jack... Too Jazzy? Did you actually listen to it... 2:05 ... Ever listen to Robert Johnson? Howlin' Wolfe? Do you actually KNOW anything about REAL Blues??? I doubt it. What a STUPID comment, you're an arse.
Love the videos! Thanks for taking the time to explain this to us newcomers. It will be nice to progress from bar chords to actually making music, gotta love it!! I just wish you were down the street and you could play in my band;(
Even a lowly organ player could get much, if he was smart enough to understand it, from this video. The brisk pace of the lesson is a welcome change.
O_O just heard you say March the 3rd 2013 and was like NO way what a coincident thats today ! in need of that morning coffee.
Claim down dudu, just personal opinion. If you that hurt you that bad I can delete it.
Excellent video. Can't wait to start using the triad approach in the blues!!!!
Awesome video! Thank you, thank you for all your lessons! You are a Maestro!
Great lesson thanks a lot...greetings from Switzerland :)
Uhh - this is really great stuff!! Thanks Andrew!!
hello possible the song take five lesson thank
fantastic lesson, love this sound.
Thanks man cool lesson
sweet...very useful
Love your videos!
cheers Andrew!

Charles Ford Band featuring Robben Ford Kiddeo (A Reunion Live.)

Revelation - Robben Ford Guitar Cover

Revelation - Robben Ford.
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