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Autism spectrum therapies culver city Videos

Announcing the Opening of Autism Spectrum Therapies Sacramento office!

Autism occupational therapy fun

My son loved his OT. when we first started he was scared of the balls...the sensation of them...being in them...unfamiliar territory.

Gymnastics as Occupational Therapy

Motor planning and sequencing, memory, sensory integration, etc. Inexpensive and with many potential benefits. This is an example of a partly self-motivated ...

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FYI- Only occupational therapists/ therapy assistants can provide OT in the USA.

Be Safe The Movie

Like Autism Live on Facebook at //facebook.com/autismlive Teaching our children with Autism how to be safe in all situations is necessary but overwhelming ...

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My daughter is not Autistic but I think this video will be very helpful to teach her to be safe if she ever has an encounter with a law enforcement officer. I hope many lives will be saved by this helpful tool! Thank you!
What a great idea!

DIY Wall and Fence Cover for Autistic Sensory Issues

My boy, Daniel, has some sensory input issues. He often runs his fingers along surfaces that could injure his fingers if he is allowed to do it for extended periods ...

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I have high-functioning autism, and I used to do the same thing when I was a kid. Granted, it wasn't to the point of injuring my fingers, but I liked to run my fingers along walls as I walked by them.

THE CORRECT VIEWS (9/16/2014) - Saudi Terror, Autism News, Death Panels, Rat Drone, Vamp Cops, Co...

Jeremy Bernstein recepient of the Naturally Autistic People Award 2011

Jeremy Bernstein, 14 years old jewelry maker recepient of the 2011 Naturally Autistic People Award.

The Help Group Summit

"The First Friend" - Inspiration for "Match A Friend" Model, the Key to Unlocking Autism

This is the story of the first two friends, Adam and Cole, who inspired "Match A Friend". "Match a Friend" is our model for enhancing the lives of the autistic ...
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