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New Study Finds No Vaccine and Autism Link.


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not saying all vaccines are bad, vaccines have done some very good things in the past, but now the goverment can test whatever they want to on you and they don't have to get any sort of consent from you whatsoever, there are some vaccines outthere thats probally good to take, but are flu shots really neccessary? flu is not a life or death situation in most cases, and actually seasonal flu kills way more people than H1N1 ever did, sorry i dont trust the goverment enough to inject me with whatever
The Danish study still offers some of the best evidence on causal linkage between autism diagnosis and Thimerosal. It has a clear experimental design, where Denmark abolishes Thimerosal in vaccines, and autism diagnosis continues to rise. It is not a perfect experiment, as it happens at once for the whole country, but still pretty convincing. Paul Thorsen was only the fourth of seven authors of the paper. He is charged with theft of research funds and tax fraud, and not scientific fraud.
Search "A Population-Based Study of Measles, Mumps, and Rubella Vaccination and Autism" - that is from Denmark Search "No evidence for measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine-associated inflammatory bowel disease or autism in a 14-year prospective study. europepmc" - click on the third link. That is from Finland Search "Autistic spectrum disorder: No causal relationship with vaccines europepmc" - first link. That is from Canada. These examples from research based in other countries okay?
I Don't take any sort of vaccine that i don't have to including flu vaccine, we have one few too many influential officials that are talking about population control for my comfort to let them just put anything in my body, about the hardest medicine i go is asprin or tylenol. i don't trust these vaccinations their pushing us to take. they dont even have to have permission to test stuff on us now either which is what i find scary. we have maniacs in charge of our well being.
The Denmark study is completely discredited because Poul Thorsen whom did the study stole millions and was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars from big pharma. He is in jail now, so you are basing your opinions on a criminal. The rest of the studies you named were paid for by big pharma and conducted by people with huge conflicts of intest. Wakefields findings have been replicated numerous times in many other countries independently.
Thomas, it is just not smart to not get vaccines. While you may be getting lucky now and not getting the flu, but vaccines are the reason you don't have polio, or smallpox. Even if it is a government scandal (which it clearly is not) it would still make all the sense in the world to get vaccines. Non-governmental related studies all over the world show over and over again how vaccines including the flu vaccine save lives
You are correct. Vaccines DO cause autism; this "New" study was performed by people with huge conflicts of interest. They are the same people that have been lying in order to safeguard their lying and pocket books. Monsters they are.
i havn't had a flu shot in probally ten or more years and i feel great, havnt gotten seriously sick in awhile, i started becoming suspicious of the goverment back when i was middle school during clinton and bush's time.
Literally every scientific article published (most by people who are not related to the government - private institutions, other countries) shows that there is no link between autism and vaccines
Bollox!! You don't know how funny I find this!! My five year old can act better than this when he's trying to get out of trouble lol fucking propaganda bullshit!!!
The main link is Tylenol is almost always given after a vaccine and it primes the endocannabinoid system for disaster! Want specific information ? Ask me..
I heard there was a italian court that ruled these vaccines do infact have links to autism
Really? Then show one.

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