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Nt autism spectrum Videos

Insights from an Autistic: Autism World vs NT World


Guide Dogs SA.NT - James' story

A video from //www.guidedogs.org.au/ Three year old James has autism and is on the waiting list for an Autism Assistance Dog. This is his Mum, Vickie's ...

Asperger's Syndrome in the eyes of an NT (interview)

Me interviewing my mother on cam. Useful Links: //www.tonyattwood.com.au/ (Asperger Syndrome expert) ...

Guide Dogs SA.NT - introducing the E litter puppies

A video from //www.guidedogs.org.au/ Guide Dogs SA.NT is excited to introduce you to the E Litter puppies. They are just eight weeks old and are already ...

Aspergers/autism spectrum- relationships. Part two.

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Well this was certainly a load of....Matty your not a bad person, but you do lie often... You need to let go of the victim card. You have lied, stolen and melded yourself into something you're not. Then when people start catching on.. You get scared and tuck tail and run.. Coming up with wild outlandish stories in order to gain sympathy...But dear sweet Matty..You have always had friends that loved you, family that stood by you, even though it frustrated you some times.. True people who knew your faults and still wanted to help you...Someday Matty The lies and the stealing, they'll have to stop, until then.. If my Cousin Zachary death has taught me anything..It's that life's too precious to stay mad over things in the past, so forgiveness is there and blessings to you.. I still have faith in your abilities.. Just truly be kind.. Not what others think you should be.. True to yourself

The Language of the Earthling

In this vlog I talk about communicating with others who are neurotypical. Many people with autism have trouble communicating and do not like small talk.

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Power to you, Miyah! Speaking the language of the Earthling is, like you said a survival technique which me and others are trying to learn. First you have to learn that the small talk, before you can move on to speak on panels. When you learn the small talk first, then you can start learning other skills to survive in the world.
Good video! :)

Guide Dogs SA.NT - Z litter puppies on the bridge

A video from //www.guidedogs.org.au/ Our Z litter pups are barely a month old and have already begun their training to become Guide Dogs or Autism ...
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