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Autism spectrum san diego Videos

Community Coaching Center for Autism in San Diego

Community Behavioral and Social Skills Development program for school aged children on the autism spectrum in San Diego, CA.

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@MultiSnooty SERIOUSLY??

Chiropractic and Improved Quality of Life for Child with Autism | San Diego Chiropractor

Bernard Rimland Recovered Autistic Kids Pt 1

Bernard Rimland hosts the introduction of a few of the children who have made huge improvements and recoveries in the Autism Spectrum. Autism IS Treatable!

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"Curebies" are destroying kid's lives with crap that doesn't work, belittling children in front of them, bullying&slandering dedicated parents who disagree with them& dividing carers who should have the kid's interests at heart - not their own agendas. My son has defied the expectations of Dr's and progressed in leaps and bounds above even these so-called "cured" kids and it didn't take any crackpot "therapy." Just dedication, love and meeting someone halfway.
They said my son had Autism. What they didn't tell me cuz they were too ignorantto know is that he had allergies to gluten & dairy (that were frying his brain) and that he had yeast overgrowth in his gut. I spent 4 months getting the yeast out & changing his diet (no more gluten & dairy), added supplements & now he is recovered! Yes the ignorant ones out there will say well he must not have had autism to start with..sheesh ignorant people wake up!
@rainbowspite222 There isn't a cure for autism but, you can recover. As Stan Kurtz would say "You can recover from being hit by a bus but, you can never take away the incident of being hit by the bus'. Maybe, you should learn more about autism before commenting. Not all children can recover but, some do. Please don't try to put down others who have experienced the miracle.
I thought we all had a common goal until the Ann Coulter of autism awareness (J McCarthy) stated the "curebie" opinion that parents like me don't care about our children. Never mind the countless tireless hours put in to helping our kids rather than palming them off to someone else so they tell us one day they knew crackpot therapists better than their own parents.
I think the "cure"-autism hysteria have gone too far. Giving false hopes to people who don't know very much about autism, it's a money sink for desperate parents who want their kids to be different from who they are. The real solution is to evolve a good way to learn autistics to learn to live functioning, hopefully not something overdramatic as ABA.
Oh man...my jaw is on the floor...this is the doctor we saw...his office smelled like an uncleaned fish tank, the floor was dirty, he saw us for literally about three minutes, told *us* to cut my son's hair & send in a sample, told us to do GF/CF & then forgot we existed entirely. I DON'T BELIEVE what I'm seeing...I'm in shock.
Doctors aren't supposed to be able to help you with autism, autism is neurological. The mercury hysteria have went too far without much progress and also damaged alot of autistics in different ways. The best bet is to evolve a good way of learning autistics to learn a good life, hopefully in a different ways than ABA.
When I hear "Cure for Autism" or "recoveries"? I think "Carpetbaggers". Autism is not a disease, autistic children will learn new skills like any one else can. My own son has become socially more normalised, his vocabulary has improved, he can read and write but he is still autistic and he will always be autistic.
Everyone should keep in mind that autism is a condition that changes as time progresses. In some cases, the symptoms start before the vaccinations. The anti-vaccination leaders don't come to a conclusion, just a hypothesis. Keep in mind that correlation does not equal causation. As my name implies; I am autistic.
Read for yourself. w w w . jpands. org/vol11no1/geier. pdf w w w . aapsonline. org/press/nr-03-02-2006 . php w w w . fda . gov/ohrms/DOCKETS/dailys/04/oct04/102704/04p-0349-c00006-vol1. pdf Remove the spaces in the addresses.
i just dont understand rimland and others...there isnt a cure for autism or aspirgers...there are different levels...so this kid and others remain high functioning...it doesnt mean that they are cured
For the slow ones...the fake tans and tits point to the superficiality of people who cannot bear the idea that there are people in this world who aren't obsessed about looking or acting like a clone.
This is the weirdest anomaly I have ever seen. A video that talks about cure from beginning and end when the person who posts it has no idea that the word "cure" is even used.
Maybe it is. Whatever the case may be I have a right to respond when these people attack my family and if their fake tans and tits have my attention at the time, so be it.
You're opinion on someone's appearance has nothing to do with your argument. It's just a pathetic attempt to make yourself feel better by putting someone's looks down.
yo dumb asses aliens did this to your children because there are several accounts of people being abducted and when they have babies there child has autism
have you seen this? youtube.com/watch?v=vOEXldRNxcA and youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=R_bg0NujA2U?
please fuck off. you can.t cure this. i know i'm one of them. it's a condition you arew born with....get a live
You are in a position to judge? Because you are so together, clever, intelligent and.. Ok. Just wondering.
@PLScotland That's a slam against carpetbaggers. The autism cure industry is as cruel as it is cynical.
(After all, they're certainly not big on real arguments themselves, so why confuse them unnecessarily)
I couldn't find something, that's called DAYFLING. What are you actually talking about?
I have AS and I believe it's the so-called "normal" people who need to be cured.
As a kid's parent who actually gives a shit-I have a right to voice my opinion.
in the video it is said. watch for you own! For example: 6:29 and forward...
That's nice. Way to be supportive of kids' parents who actually give a shit.
The real Ann Coulter is actually pro-vaccination and doesn't like McCarthy.
Are peroxide and fake tans mandatory for curebies or something?

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