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Autism spectrum disorder vaccines Videos

Vaccines Autism Spectrum Disorders and Herd Immunity so oVMWhsyo

Vaccine Reality

Vaccine Reality- the Reality is Vaccines cause Autism Spectrum Disorder. Even the chief of the CDC admits this and explains how during an interview with CNN.

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Mandatory vaccines now legal for the poor! Since wealth provides private schooling so no vaccine mandate. If you choose to home school your children then your labeled an "extremist"(Fed Govt label for people who won't let them educate your kids) which nobody wants to be called and it is also a reason for CPS to take your kids from you. So to have the right of education for Americans(which is automatically given to undocumented and illegal immigrants ) they have to get repeated vaccines containing mercury(a neurotoxin aka poisonous to the brain and nervous system aka deadly!) or be able to pay for the right of education(US Constitution says rights are FREE!) or be called an "extremist" and hope for the best! Why are wealthy politicians(highest accumulation of wealth in America) making laws mandating poison injections to poor people in order to get an education(even though 60% of high school grads are illiterate still so "What Education?")? Vaccinated people won't get the diseases from un-vaccinated people unless the vaccine didn't work! 

Regressive autism after vaccination vaccine Injury -.flv

The Signs of Autism Spectrum Disorders Must Be Spotted in Time..Please watch this video for help.. //thehomebizharmony.com/Membership/UltimateAutism ...

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I was born with autism and ADHD and I have the hand flapping ETC. And I do talk I didn't speak until I was 3 1/2 yrs old
Shared on our fb page , thank you for speaking up about this.
Remember this.....it is important for all parents t.......
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