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John Yoo Explaining Why The President Can Order A Village Massacred

John Yoo Explaining Why The President Can Order A Village Massacred.

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I wish that UC Berkely would fire this horrible man. There are absolutely no limits to his audacity and immorality. Just because we dropped the big one on a country that was trying to destroy us, does not justify us ever doing it again. Nuclear weapons need to be banned from the Earth, so that some amoral jerk like Yoo does not get control of them and finish off the planet.
talk about displaying a complete and total lack of humanity.... john yoo is one of the biggest sacks of shit on the planet. he is just another paid scumbag liar who helps the empire deal death out to the innocent..... what a coward. i bet he enjoys watching people get trampled.
Why is the guy advocating the nuclear attacks on Japan an Asian? What nationality does Yoo come from? The global elite revel in getting people to betray their own people.
hiroshima & nagasaki were the only two major christian populated communities in japan at the time of the bombs.
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