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Great india place bhopal Videos

Review of Ckc The Restaurant, Bhopal | Restaurants- North Indian | askme.com

Contact us: //goo.gl/mCPMue | Tel No : 4350101 A great place to vist while in Bhopal is Ckc The Restaurant. This Multi Cuisine Restaurant is very famous for ...

Bhopal victims demand better compensation

One of the world's worst industrial accidents took place in India nearly 30 years ago, when a poisonous gas leak from a pesticide factory in Bhopal killed ...

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The amazing thing about this is that the outrage from the US on the BP oli rig disaster verged on hysteria Yet when one of their major corporations killed literally THOUSANDS of Indians there was a muted responce Personally I think BP should pay similar compensation to what the Indian victims were paid

The King of Indian Railways at 150kmh....12002 Bhopal shatabdi express

The eye catcher of all: 12002 Bhopal shatabdi as like always not at all showing mercy and blasting at it's full notch of 150kmh speed through Asaoti.

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As always the legendary blast by the most legendary train of IR The one and only BHOPAL SHATABDI. . . . . . ! ! ! ! BTW super thrilling video
the train is too close to the side ground , looks dangerous .. if it comes out of track, it will penetrate half the city inside
damn it dude i wish i wud hv lived in asoati for sometime wud hv started my day catching dis monster everyday its so awesome
this is the video i am expectng frm ASAOTI.. the SPEED HEAVEN...lovely...awesome..:)))
by the time u r zooming in/out..train is moving atleast 0.5 km...thundering!!!!!!!!!!
Guptaji, Which cam you used for this video. It was brilliant. Hats Off to you.
oh that wasn't a train u kid'in man.......Blaster dude serious stuff.......
super-duper pataka video... ekdam rocket ke jaise nikal gaya King!!
Ahh.. Real High Speed Action.... Mission Accomplished Akshay :)
watch the two crows...flying away with fear of death may be!!!
Great,Super,Marvelous,Awesome all in one shot..!! waaaaahh
"Bhopal Shatabdi " :P Awesome speed and awesome video !!
Beauty.... What about those 2 pigeons? Dead?
amazing zooming yaar...which camera is this
Brilliant !! Loved that dimmed headlamps !
Lovely! Just like the Acela Express! :)
OMG!!! blasting like a bullet train...!!!!
Wow!! 12002... the Beast unleashed....
Tremendous speed show, faad dala P5 ne!
hold the camera still the next time
outstanding !! brilliant video !!
awesome speed........nice capture
king is rajdhani shatabdi is boss
How do you know the speed ?

Jehan Numa Palace

Much like its history, the Palace presents a charming medley of colonial style, princely Indian culture and unexpected modern trendiness. A timeless courtesy ...

Seismic Seconds - The Bhopal Gas Disaster Part 1 of 3

The Bhopal disaster was an industrial catastrophe that took place at a pesticide plant owned and operated by Union Carbide (UCIL) in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh ...

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"unforeseen chemical reaction"? Are you kidding? The exothermic reaction between Methyl Isocyante and water is well documented. The MIC tank was supposed to be kept cool and isolated from any possible water contamination. So this wasnt an ACCIDENT - like most industrial catastrophies, it was negligence and design issues that caused this incident. The two fail safe safety features around the MIC tank and at the plant also failed or were not operating (the cooling system for the tank, and the gas burn off stack) The Union carbide Head (Anderson) fled to New York and has not been extradited by the USA to face charges in India. Everything is about profit. Squeezing workers more and more, cutting back on safety, lobbying governments to reduce corporate responsibility to the environment and to human health and safety. And CEOs and Presidents continue to receive their obscene bonuses, golden handshakes and multi million dollar bail outs. This corporate model is in force today (See the BP Mexican Gulf disaster - that was a totally preventable event if extra safety features had been installed.
im a foreigner studying in india,,last year, i'd problem with my internet connection,,so gave them a call,,they came and repaired it in the evening..how they repaired it? they took my housemate line and connect it to my room,,i only knew their lack of common sense once my housemate returning as he said theres no connection in his room,,oh my...25+ years plus after this disaster,,theyre still not changin,, incredible india!
What a damned shame, the people responsible for this tragedy should pay with their lives. Just like the people that ruined the Gulf Of Mexico, kill em all!
alguien sabe donde puedo conseguir este mismo video pero en español? anyone know where I can get this video but in Spanish?
Isnt the narrator the guy from "Coupling"? Back on topic, this event sounds worse than Chernobyl!
I'm no expert, But I think there talking about Organic Chemistry 3 quarters into the video.
it is worse than chernobyll darkhyena!
mother fuckers
so sad :(

BBC One Night In Bhopal 2004 TVRip d0x

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much worse than 911
I had the same reaction. this was another 911 caused by by negligence and greed.
I haven't even finished watching hey but I'm well aware that Union Carbide got off scot free and never ever paid restitution to these people. The reason I know a lot about this tragedy is because I live 5 miles from where they had previously stored this crap. I don't know if it's stored there still ( shame on me I should) . Anyway we have always had a plan and gone through "shelter in place" drills at schools and elsewhere. We had radio and television warnings. Why wasn't this set up by Union Carbide when they built the plant or instructed the locals on how to do this??????? I hate this company
+bratlygirl I may tell you why they didn't warn Indian people about the danger: because these companies don't give a shit for the third world people. I live in Brazil, in a town located in Rio de Janeiro state and here we have 2 pesticide factories. I can assure you that no one in town knows what are these companies really processing in their plants. They don't tell the people or the authorities what to do in case of an emergency. I can remember when once there was an alarm at one of the factories during the night and I called the company to ask what was going on and the attendant just told me to chill, because that was not of my business!!! That's why in 2015, 31 years after Bhopal's disaster, there are many potential "Bhopal's" in third world countries... may God help us all!
The real tragedy here is that the culprits were never punished..How is it any different from the people killed within gas chambers in Nazi camps.. A country which grants millions in damages for small careless instances which causes no damage to life in most cases, fails to compensate a tragedy where thousands die and millions injured.. Instead it runs to protect the guilty.. It seems it is ok to kill thousands for a few bucks as long as they are poor and not Americans.. A human being is a human being, in fact no living being should have the right to think his life is more precious than the others and he/she can just toy around with it..
I agree with you
Well that's what happen when you are recruiting cheap working hands with no skills and responsibilities!
+Cherry Blossom awesome
Yes I agree with you but Isn't it the fault of the company to hire such unskilled worker.. JUST TO SAVE MONEY.  Will any American Company Build the same Poisonous Chemical plant in their city which will be only 1 Km away from the Main Railway Station and  "HIRE CHEAP LABOUR" JUST TO MAKE PROFIT!!!!!! who are INEXPERIENCED in handling POISONOUS CHEMICAL UNQUALIFIED EMPLOYEES with NO ADEQUATE KNOWLEDGE of chemistry about the Harmful chemical they are handling.. NO PROPER TRAINING GIVEN BY THE COMPANY.. if it was America.. Will the same American Company Just TO MAKE MORE MONEY HIRE such INEXPERIENCE UNTRAINED Workers to handle such poisonous chemical plant in their city instead of hiring qualified people?
Okay that's enough. I usually love BBC documentaries BUT by the 23 minute mark when the narrator says another safety device failed, I decided I can watch no more. IF THE ALARM IS TURNED OFF INTENTIONALLY...IF THE CREW IGNORED THE SMELL OF LEAKING GAS UNTIL IT WAS TOO LATE...IF ONE OF THEM FORGOT TO PUT COVERS ON THE LEAK POINTS...THEN IT'S UP TO THE PEOPLE RUNNING THE PLANT, NOT THE OWNERS TO DO THE RIGHT THING. Once the narrator says the workers TURNED OFF THE ALARM SO AS NOT TO CAUSE A PANIC, that was enough for me. I'm all about blaming corporate America when it's valid, but this is insane. Corporate Americas only real guilt is in exploiting poor people in countries that choose not to protect their people.
1) Most of the safety features were turned off because they had to cut costs. Corporates are for profit only. UC churns the profit and hence, they are directly responsible (from top-bottom) for operations and/or mishaps. Corporates do not care for human beings. Even more so, if they are not white!! I hope you have worked in team before (other than sitting in front of youtube which many American youths do) and realize that there is something called collective responsibility. Read about it, it will be useful for you in your bubble life (may be!)2) Many plane accidents have occurred in history of west because of cost cutting (leading to compromise on safety part) and billions of dollars have been paid as compensation to families to avoid court cases, directly by company (not by sub-contractors who actually work for company).  Suddenly when it comes to people of developing or poor nation, they are not families any more, they are not human being anymore. They are just little ants like creatures who for all practical purposes do not exist for west and western corporation.PS: Terms like "giving back to community" are bullshit. American capitalism has brainwashed generations and will continue to do! I really really wish people had brain to see that.
Ankit makes a correct statement. But, the really serious point here is that the alarm issue is just one of many and is the result of many years of cost cutting and neglect. This resulted in inadequately trained workers at the factory and inadequately specified or malfunctioning safety systems- many of which were not working, or switched off to save money, at the time of the disaster.However, the plant was 'under-specified' from the day it was built (when compared to its US 'sister' plant) and documentation exists that demonstrates that the US corporation drove these original cost-saving measures leading to a plant that was potentially dangerous from the day it was built.
The alarm apparently misfired and went off randomly even when there was no problem, hence the workers were instructed to ignore the alarm by the owners to avoid delays. Technically their fault
Dear all, for a truly revealing account of the events leading up to the disaster, and of its after effects, I will recommend you a free online publication.Our organisation published this and every detail has been past the lawyers to make sure that we can present it as fact.You will find incredible stories that are quite difficult to believe but you should finish it knowing that Union Carbide/ Dow Chemical have the blood of Bhopal on their hands.//bhopalmarathon.org/cryforbhopal/index.html
uneducated & untrained labor = very cheap labor.and who knows, all the things except the alarm could've been decided by HQ, no?however, by law, owners are responsible, and IMO, both are to be blamed.ps: I salute you for the way carry an argument.
+der golem Not sure why you have to resort to name calling.  But please calm down, I'm not in the mood to be called names just because I posted a comment on the internet.  No offense was meant, sorry you were offended.  It was and is just my opinion.  Not infering that the people that died deserved it.  Just said equipment that is turned off is not failure of EQUIPMENT.  Did not make a single comment about the good people that lost their lives or were injured.
How about hiring people with little or no training to handle lethal chemicals in emergency situations that can poison and kill thousands upon thousands of HUMAN BEINGS?, how about building a chemical time bomb in the middle of a town filled up with HUMAN BEINGS and not tell anyone about the possible consequences or even how to react to a poisonous gas leak that can kill entire families in an instant?, how about holding these mass murderers accountable in any shape, way or form so we can make sure that if this happens again it will not be for the same stupid reasons?, How about more than 20,000 HUMAN BEINGS?, HOW ABOUT THAT YOU FUCKIN´ IMBECILE?!, HOW ABOUT THAT?!! Fucking Asshole... These "TraNsnAtioNaLS" can Get the FUCK OUT OF HERE!, they arrive with the promise of progress and wealth, but they don´t do anything like that, it´s just a facade, at the end they only bring more misery, death, destruction, poverty and fish with three eyes, when they leave and if they leave, they leave the people pretty fucked up and sad and worse than ever, they can kiss my ass.... Mr. Asshole, in my own country, can go and dip his face in his own shit ass well.....

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