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Toyota commercial father and daughter Videos

Toyota Commercial - I Like Him

Funny Toyota commercial where a father wants to meet his daughter's new boyfriend.

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@EpikHater lol...of course they are. Animals do it all from incest to bestiality (having sex with animals not of their kind). And yes they do in fact have sex with animals that haven't reached adulthood. But since when do we use animals as a reference for what we should do? How about we use humans before us. People used to marry each other at ages as low as 9, and it was normal in almost every culture. Now it's pedophilia, but back when people didn't live to be 40, it seemed logical.
Homosexuality is nothing more than a sexual preference we're simply not used to. Same applies to Pedophilia. What I find hypocritical is how people speak of gay rights while insisting that Pedophilia is immoral, as if being gay was moral to begin with. I guarantee you, someday, the same population that became gay rights activists in a matter of months, or perhaps their off springs, will fight for Pedophilia rights. We're just opening to new things, whether we like it or not.
@wildbloodydragon I still don't get how homosexuality is at all the same (or SIMILAR) as being wrongfully attracted to pre-pubescent children. Homosexuals are attracted to people their own age, just like straight people. You are aware most pedophiles are straight males, correct? Besides, the dipshits who won't allow gays to get married are all religious buttfucks who claim it's wrong by God. Religion has no place in the court room.
Flickr, Facebook, and real live action videos through iChat. I never joke about tang. I don't have to pretend after 4 wives a 300 girlfriends. I was a soundman for a bunch of different opening bands. No lack of sweet young thangs with fake ID's, and I looked like a cross between Mick Jagger and Jim Morrison at 6' 4". Some guys have to lie, I don't, and I don't have to prove anything to a bunch of cyber nobodies.
He is the EX-PRESIDENT! It's a pity you don't have anyone in that country with enough character to stand up to such an egotistical personality. That was sarcasm... of course you have people in your country smart enough to put him in his place... but then again why would they? He's just a tired old man with NO power at Toyota anymore. There's a reason he's no longer affiliated with them. Don't be so paranoid.
No, Toyota is for anyone! Toyota is built for any gender; for both heterosexuals and homosexuals. Do you really think the design of the cars must be in a certian way for people being homosexual?? No, it's not like that. You see, homosexuals do not need any other design or functions of the cars than provided for heterosexuals. If you don't believe me, go to your Toyota dealer and ask them. If you dare...
@68thelzeppelin Without men, there would be no women. Without women, there would be no men. The only way women could live successfully without men is if they were to trap them in cages or something and only use them when they wanted to reproduce. If they had a boy child, they would make him their slave until he was old enough to be used for a child. ...HMM.
I got my wish. I have two hot bi babes 20 years younger than me that want to share me, and we are going to all live together. HaHaHaHaHa, sometimes life is good. So give me as many thumbs down as you want, I still got it and you don't. Oh, I forgot to mention their circle of super hot girl friends. Talk about a sleep over.
likewise sir....likewise. Though i didn't read every comment on this video, I saw the current comments, and added my 2 cents...Simple as that. I do get tired of the constant bickering from BOTH sides of this pool though, that is all i wished to point out(Sorry, I just can't get mad at someone who likes MSI...Dunno why)
u jackass - stop associating black people with homos who are engaging in a filthy ungodly unantural unhealthy bullshit lifestyle. Black people reject being put into the same class as unrepentant homos. Go suck an egg. Toyota had better watch themselves...giving in to some bullshit limp wristed liberal madness!
@MauriceFlower Certain cars do appeal to certain groups however. Research into car buying patterns that some cars are appealing to homosexuals. The Subaru Forester/Outback for instance and they carry the stigma of being "gay cars". BMW seems to be a good example of this as well. You are right however.
@EpikHater I didn't say they are equivalent in every sense. But they have their similarities. I'm comparing the two is because of their contradiction with morality and the law. The law honors the marriage of neither, and most people cringe at the idea of same sex or underage couples having sex.
ha! today another bloody anglican homosexual priest caught in pedophilia and child porn. check the news fool. you homos are one demented lot. Toyota should be kicked in the ass for asscoiating with your dirty unatural lifestyle. I have written to Toyota warning them. hopefully they take heed.
@EpikHater "Wrongfully". Heh. I could define homosexuality as two men who are "wrongfully" attracted to one another. Who is to say what's is wrong and what isn't. And trust me, there's enough non-religious homophobes to prove its not just because of the retarded religion. It's something else.
Nope that`s would be a sigma 6, and after all crisis toyota never leave any worker to not to work, if bot to toyota then for community even in America, they are offered to help in their charity, red cross, and city`s public works, and toyota still pay for them full salary and taxes.
@EpikHater I don't call a 17 year old a child. The law however, considers anyone above 18 who has sex with that person a "sex offender". People used to get married at age 9, it wasn't rape back then, it was legit marriage. True story.
Shut your fucking mouth, people had been discussing that earlier on, ass wipe. In fact, your comment might've actually been agreeable if you hadn't unnecessarily added 'wanker' at the end, dumb shit.
Is that why homsexuals are prone to pedohilia - could it be all of them are child abusers or just some - or maybe u have homo stats that show straight people are the guilty ones.hmmm
You don't know what Kaizen is do you? What exactly are you saying about an inconvenient truth? "The freedom of making a profit"? Don't you mean "The intelligence to make a profit"?
why must someone ALWAYS prod the sleeping dragon...Just appreciate the commercial for what it is and leave all this pro and anti gay stuff out of it....wanker
There were a few variations of this commercial. Sometimes it was a hardcore punk and I think the other time it was a geek? Anyway, there was a few of them.
This should have been run. They would have sold a lot more cars. The only thing hotter then two sexy chicks making out, is me in the center.
@EpikHater do you think they would use that boy as an slave instead of killing him only for beeing a man? evil lesbians right?
Toyota is just saying that the father is a republican, the daughter a democrat and the democrats just screwed the republicans.
That's sick condoing homos and dykes, abhorent and repugnant to all norms of decency, Boycott Toyota for promoting perverism
i agree with xeronicus, appreciate the comedic quality. You pulled the issue out of your ass when it wasn't really necessary
Amen! Lesbian women kissing and Gay men kissing is as normal as us straight people kissing! Get used to it!
@wildbloodydragon I'm still not understanding how raping a child is the equivalent of being a homosexual.
oh my God. Toyota had better stop promoting this bullshit lifestyle if they want to keep me as a client.
lol, Toyota has so many cool commercials:D look at the World of Warcraft one^^ "Four Wheels of Fury!!!"
questa pubicità è molto carina! mi piace molto molto moltisimo! io voglio una ragazza con un toyota


sorry we had to upload this once again :/

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You tube had accidentally took part 2 down, and we've had to upload it again. Sorry guys that we've had to upload it again, nerys is working on part 3 when she can, between study time and her health letting her down and stopping her in her tracks, thank you all for being so patient with us both, thank you :)

father and daughter commercial

its about a father hanging out with his daughter.

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Who puts trashcans in the middle of the driveway?
+BrookeACrowe Pacific Bell customers of 1988, that's who.
The Unsolved Mysteries theme song still scares me. 
It's probably one of the scariest themes for a TV show. It was made scarier when they had a Ghost or Haunted House episode.
Wow. On the Pontiac Bonneville commercial, I feel like the woman at the end should be saying "Hi, Dad!"
lol.....he shoplifted the cradle!!!!!
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