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Toyota facebook commercial actress Videos

Friends On Facebook Altoids Commercial (Which one are you?)

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Well, I'm the Lyric Lover, but I have a lot of Princess Snapshots on list along with Like-A-Lots! But what the hell does this have to do with Altoids?! I love the commercial, but it doesn't make me wanna buy Altoids mints. This is more effective for Facebook.
Funny commercial, but it's effectiveness seems questionable. I wouldn't have even known it was an Altoid commercial without the title or the last 3 seconds of the commercial...
I KNEW I saw Lee somewhere before Sourcefed... KNEW IT!!! I knew somewhere, in this universe she had graced my eyes before, but where I could not muster a thought or clue.
This video highlights the disgrace of America, the greatest waste of life ever created, Facebook. Oh Wow, I never thought we'd stoop this low.
Lmao this is so going on facebook!!! the overshare!! i hate thoes type of people, like really no one gets on fb to hear your life story.
little did you know there are cyber STD's. it stands for shitty types of douche-bags (refers to haters on youtube)
haha this was the ad commercial thing before a vid i was going to watch and i didnt click "skip now" lol
So what type of person is the guy who's singing? The 'Can't stop explaining things' poster?
Busted. I'm the one that takes pictures of random crap...like burgers and french fries!
Oh, jesus.. I KNOW these people. And I'm proud to say that I'm not like any of them.
Anybody else think the Friend Tycoon looks like McGee off of NCIS with darker hair?

Facebook Home "Dinner Commercial"

A dull situation takes a turn for the interesting when a young woman steals a few glances at Facebook Home. www.FacebookHome.com.

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I think Facebook is fine. The way some people use it is the problem. Maybe the founder didn't expect some people to be like that. And yes it's disrespectful to use phone during family gathering.
"We are all just prisoners here of our own device." (Eagles, Hotel California)
Should make a parody of this where the aunt launches her phone at the wall
Does anyone know which Hauschka piece was used in this video?
Down vote ALL the Facebooks.

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