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Toyota tercel commercial Videos

1994 Toyota Tercel Commercial

A 1994 Toyota Tercel Commercial.

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Introducing the new 2012 Toyota Yaris! Standard with Multi-reflector halogen headlamps, Rear window wiper, and Roof-mounted AM/FM antenna. All Starting at $14,115 Toyota Moving Forward.

1995 Toyota Tercel commercial

1995 ad for Toyota Tercel.

1992 Toyota Tercel Commercial

Ad for the 1992 Toyota Tercel "For Love or Money"

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Ad for the 1992 Toyota Tercel "For Love or Money"

1990 toyota tercel commercial

Toyota Tercel Commercial (Original)

The original Toyota Commercial... Toyota had to change the soundtrack for copyright reasons, so here is the commercial as it was meant to be seen, with a kill ...

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u think this piece of shit on wheeles car is nice?!???!?!?!??!?!? it wouldnt look nice even if it wwas modded whats wrong with u bro..seriosly all toyota cars suv truck etc are all DROP DEAD UGLYYYYYYYYYYY exept the Mr2 n supra thouse r pretty nice...other than thouse two, all the rest is GARBAGE
wow this has really made me want a Tercel!Soo...erm...beautiful! seriously I reckon you should expect a call from Toyota any day soon when they want to bring back the Tercel and they want to buy your commercial!
i had a tercel it was a piece of shit. i got airborn,smashed it up and got it water logged crossing a creek in the time i had it and still got $600 for it. great first car
Why does yours have no rust? Dammit! Mine is so rusted out, even the driveshaft had to be replaced because of it. Thank you northern Michigan winters and salted roads. :/
i was making fun of the fact you had VW in your name. i dont drive tercels to be hip and have a great looking car, same reason why you drive Volkswagens
AMEN, toyota is a basic automotive appliance. I would make an exception for one of the last supras though
Definitely not the original commercial! You can a modern PT Cruiser at 0:46. Nice try, though!
I own a 91 DX Tercel, it's the best! Super cheap on gas, I fill up a tank with about $26.
My 1972 Bay Window Bus that I had would go anywhere these would go and then some...
It would be so much better with a 4wd. I'll make one when I get the chance.
its so ghetto but awesome!!! too bad it isnt the 4wd model though :(
lol this car makes me appreciate the fact that I have two legs.

Toyota Tercel Commercial-Circa 1987

A Toyota Tercel Commerical back from 1987.
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