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Birmingham weather next 2 weeks Videos

My new raised bed vegetable garden - 2 weeks after planting

With sunny days and light rain the new garden's been thriving! Only issue - a cat that has decided to use it as its litterbox that has pulled up some of my Brussel ...

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You are so talented. I look at anything I plant and it just keels over. lol
Nice garden.:)

2 1/2 weeks after the tornado


There were a bit more than 2 weeks between arrival and departure. But somehow still the same weather conditions. And this runway in worse condition than the ...

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Nice video ! Liked a lot :) I subscribed, sub back ?

Live firing | The Queen’s Royal Hussars | British Army

For 3 weeks last month the ranges in Hohne echoed to the sound of Challenger 2 Main Battle Tanks firing as the The Queen's Royal Hussars were put through ...

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God damn, I love Chally's.
+Alistir D. the sound of the 120 :D
where was this video taken?
Thanks for the answer
+Henni Schach The video was taken in Hohne Germany
damn those thing are intimidating I wonder how much they are worth?
+mtbboy 123 Iirc, about £5.500.000 with all upgrades etc.
+jakieboy 13 Somewhere in the mark of £4,000,000 each I think and thats before any of the upgrades. Worth every penny :)
£4,217,000‎ new
Wouldn't want to wake up to one of those at my front door...
+Ang badang I would!
Why are ratings disabled? I wanted to like the video.
+British Army you guys are lads for that! ;)
+ENGMAC Gaming Thanks for letting us know, you should be able to like the video now.

Allotment day 53 - Harvest onions & broad beans and clear the greenhouse

Day 53 takes place 2 weeks after the last video. I have been coming down to the plot but the weather has made it difficult to get things done. The cucumbers are ...

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So, what are you going to do with your 500 pounds of potatoes at the end of the season?
That assumes that I do manage to crop them all, and would be a lovely problem to have.  Right now I am just trying to be vigilant and make sure they don't get blight or that the slugs get them.  Experience has taught me never be too confidant.  Thanks for stopping by and all the best. 
It might be EelWorm on your onions, but without looking at them close up, it's tricky to say for certain. Scotch Bonnet!! Wow, you're brave. It all looks great. Have a great season. 
Thanks Claire I will look that up about eel worm.  The bulb is untouched and actually I am now pulling out quite nice onions, not huge but perfect for salads.  It is just the stalks that seem to be weakened just above the bulb and so can no longer support the leaves.  It is quite the mystery.  I am in love with Caribbean cooking and so Scotch Bonnet is an absolute essential.  Since we moved out of London we can't find it so easily so I decided to try.  I have picked the first two but they were still a bit young.  They need to swell a bit more but I am hopeful that I will manage to get something with that incredible fruit flavour as well as the heat as it is that that makes them so special.  Things are definitely coming on, and progress is being made, but still learning new things every step of the way.  Thanks for stepping by and taking the time to write, All the best Claire!
Everyone on our allotment has problems with Onions and with garlic too. I treated mine with Neem oil and soap mixture spray. I will wait and see.
Thats a great tip.  Thank you.
nice update aaron thank you unfortunatly i lost all my onions . some looked abit like your damaged ones(but worse) i wondered if it was something i did wrong but on my site many other plot holders had the same issue i was told it was onion fly .
+Craig's Allotment Ghost Chilli plants are definitely serious heat.  I wish you well with it.  I think some of my onions are getting attacked by onion fly but there does seem to be another problem with the stem flopping over and it doesn't appear to be the same thing.  it seems to be affecting a lot of plots that grew red onions so I think the mystery goes on.
+Aaron's allotmentAs far as i could tell they just attacked the leaves causing the onions to die and rot very fast, i will take a closer inspection to give an accurate answer,first i did think it was the wet weather, also my plot was alittle swampy but most others on the allotment have lost all their onions so not many are left and we have 100 plots so thats a big loss .I am also a chilli man so always enjoy seeing how yours are getting on , i have a ghost chilli plant growing well so that will be a challenge,
Thanks Craig.  Did the onion fly attack the bulb?  So far all the ones that have fallen over have had undamaged bulbs and are nice to eat they just seem to have weak necks that means the leaves flop over.  Sammo had an idea that it was the wet conditions over winter, and that did sound as if there was some merit in it.  Would be interested to hear what effect they had on yours.  Thanks for your input.
Hi Aaron Sammo the pot gardener here just letting you know that I have grown overwintering red electric onions and they also are starting to fall over now. They very in size but for me even a small onion is a success. We have had a number of very wet days up north and I think this has weakened the necks of my onions due to rotting starting to set in. My white ones are still growing in size so not all is lost. Keep up the good work.
That is really interesting Sammo, and I really appreciate you letting me know.  Claire suggested it could be an eel worm but i am inclined to agree with you that it is the structure of the onion rather than something attacking it, and if they don't like wet, that would be the cause.  Maybe red onions are just delicate little flowers compared to their white cousins.  Thanks for the information and your kind words of encouragement.  All the best.
Hi Aaron, you not growing tomatoes in the greenhouse?
I read that chilli plants and tomato plants don't do well together and I also knew that with the cucumber plants I was going to fill the greenhouse so I decided to give tomato plants a miss this year.  My plan is to get a polytunnel for next year and then I can grow tomato plants again.  After the blight incident last year I am not going to chance growing them outside again.  I am still building up the infrastructure on the plot and so it is a little and often to make it all happen.

Rosie and Dexter, 'Rain on Me'

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Dexter is such a stunner!! He is such a nice mover & jumps realy nicely for you..Looks like a star for the future!! I want him hehe ;) You ride him so nicely. Great clip :)
dexter is such a stunning horse! you ride him so well too :) love the vid! and lol at the clip of him rolling in the snow hes like 'OH SHIT THATS COLD!' bless him :P x
@OliviaAndEol thankyou!! :) and yeah haha bless him - he was trying to roll up a hill..? lol xx
dexter is actually gorgeous and you have such an amazing position :) xx
You are perfect together, such a lovely video :):) 5 stars :D Tilly xx
thankyou very much @SmallSecretX and @TJKatie29791 xx
Aww you guys r doin great 2gether:) Keep it up hehe x
@tb9294 thankyou very much means a lot xx
@tb9294 thankyou so much means a lot xx
lovely rosie, dexter is such a dude. x
thankyou @sexisabz123 :) xx
thankyou :) xx

Level up

New video, Just some clips from 2 weeks training, i wanned to get some more clips from outside but i couldn't do that because as always the British weather ...

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That is gay
Awesome man! :)
Waiting for duoble sideflip ? :D
reiks vasara daryt, nes jau zinau kad jau laiks daryt ana:D


It is April, and the spring has arrived, even here in Birmingham. When we talk about the spring, what sort of things can we say? What words and expressions do ...

A Tale Tail of Survival SWAG

This is not a make-believe tale of a dog with incredible "sWAG," it's the "tale tail" of a dog with unbelievable will power and indescribable determination to survive ...
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