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GOP abandons Bachmann Chris Mathews

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Bachmann is an idiot. You don't know the history of your own country. Is telling the hard ugly truth unpatriotic? I'm tired of hearing that fighting against the corruption and lies fed to us by our government is anti-American. What's next? Are you guys going to surround us with tanks at the national mall on innauguration day and shoot us? Because we love our country we need to acknowledge our 'sins' and do our best to make amends. Americans are waking up. No more McCarthyism!
So she says Hardball twisted her comments and spun a few comments taking them out of context. She arrived at her conclusion about Obama's anti-Americanism from spun words & clips
Clam up and blow away, you farging retard. You want to go back to the days of Joe McCarthy? You're a traitor to this country, you nutsucking wack job.
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