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2004 nissan maxima average price Videos

2015 Nissan 370Z Sport Tech in Fort Worth, TX 76116


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What!!!! I was in love wit the 07' dark slate fully loaded models, but they just release the new generation style. Interior and Exterior all different wit engine upgrades. Nissan is trying to go back to their roots and they are doing that as well. Some ppl say otherwise about the design looking like a lexus or camry,but they can't fuck wit the engine for a 4-foor sedan. and like I said earlier the interior is awesome.
I think so too. I have an 00 75,000 mles and had it for 4 years. Black leather bose sunroof spolier and 0-60 in 6. secs with 20 in rims. If you keep it up nice sporty car and very reliable I agree. But the 09' models wit 290 horses are killing us. And the interior is sick, Nissan put their foot in the new generation models
This is a bad ass Car. I have one just like it.Black 2007 Maxima SE. But mine comes with the light interior though. I have 22"s and yeah the ride is rougher but its worth the look. Im thinking of lowering the front about 1.5 inches. and some engine work. Very nice awesome car. Better than anything in its class.
Car looks good man. diggin the quad exhaust and the sky lights for the ladies haha. My neighbor has one of these and he has an 07 also and his interior is already falling apart. You shoulve have got the M35 or M45 those are sweet. But good choice nonetheless very reliable and will hold its value fairly well.
I know, it was a joke. You know, funny haha. I would hate to think that all the wonderful people on youtube, no one would commit such a crime. Plus a true Maxima lover would never steal someone else baby because a true Maxima Lover understands the passion an owner has for their dream machine.
hey i love the nissan maxima, my whole family went through generatioins of the maxima... my moms got an 05, my grandmom has an 03, my aunt has an 08, my uncle has an 04, my other grandmom has an 03, my grandfather has an 06 and i have and 05 nissan maxima SL, it hot!!!
I've always heard the VQ V6 was a great engine and it is...but it's hit or miss with reliability. Our 98 Maxima was flawless but the '06 is terrible quality, so is my little bros '02 Altima with the 2.5....Have the noise checked out by the dealer
I LOVE the 07-08 Maximas! Yours is very awesome also! I am looking at getting either an 07 or 08 SE. Black, but I want the WHOLE package, Black Leather, Navigation, Back Up sensors, Sunroof, etc...but yours is still nice! Take care of it! :)
you man, those haters are motherfuckers... i am obsessed with maximas so much... every new one that is on the lot i want to test drive. No lie i am a maxima freak OMG i love maximas ssoooooooooooooo much, anyway ur ride is nice!!!!!!!
i also love the bose sound system, acually when i test drove my maxima and i heard the bose i knew right from there that i had to get it, its the best sound system out there.. i think, and i dont care what any of u jerks got to say...
Might do better without the bose and its loose data cable which cause the cd player only to play on the right side i gotta get that check out on my 04 max, they might have change it for the 6.5 generation maximas i dont know
be careful, my sister just got pulled for having TOO DARK OR tint, which I think is bull shit. Cops clearly have too much time on their hands, if they're stopping ppl for their tinted windows. Check your state law.
Good shit man. I just got one 2 days ago too. looks just like yours, i traded it for my tacoma, and the maxima is just so much better. They are great cars. Looks awesome btw. what kind of rims you getting
Yeah i like your max. But i have 05 thats still stock that crushes everything. but i still like your ride every maxima is nice even from there datson days lol my next Nissan is gonna be the GT-R (hoping)
be careful, my sister just got pulled for having TOO DARK OR tint, which I think is bull shit. Cops clearly have too much time on their hands, if they're stopping ppl for their tinted windows.
As Peter Griffen would say"Freakin Sweet".. Would like to know how that black cloth is holding up..any fading at all?Found a nice grey 07 max with black cloth in my area..I perfer the leather.
Cool, I bought a 2011 maxima sv w/ sport package.just totaled that 2 weeks ago and just picked up a 2013 maxima sv w/ sport package.they are worth the upgrade if u get the sv or higher.
man ur maxima is awesome i think nissan makes the best cars and the return of the GT-R makes nissan a leader in sports car and family car, so toyota and honda take notes lol.
Also, anyone know why the Nissan Altima's Bose system comes with 9 speakers, while the Top of the Line "Flapship" Maxima only comes with 8 speakers for the Bose system?
nice... but..my 05 sl's steering wheel tilts automatically when you start the car, i noticed yours does not, is it only 'cause it's an se? just curious. maximas rule
lol if i got it for free i would sell it. honestly idk they made the rear end look to much like other cars and the front looks more of the skyline now.
good choice of the black on black man. u should tint the taillights next it will look sick then. btw im about 2 get 1 for myself but with leather though
04 SL vs. 07 SE. no conparasion. Good choice RICHARDFLORES2100. Plus you can always get after market leather seats and wood trim for dirt cheap.
Sweet ride man. I just got my 07 today. It was certified used at a nissan dealer for 8k off the orig sticker price. I'm lovin it so far.
yea right is freaking hot and i bet if they woud give u that car for free u wont be saying is ugly no more would u hehheheh
Have the same exact thin for 5 years getting ready to trade it unforthcoming new one based off of the one I have now
real siq man .. i luv it one quick question .. wut the heck is with the sky view thingz??? U HAVE TWO OF THEM :S??
thats a fucked up thing to say. The 2008 Maxi is one of my dream cars. I love the Maxis had an 1986 for 20 years.

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