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Butler oklahoma weather Videos

April 8, 2015 Butler, Oklahoma Possible Tornado

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First of all, Butler is 113 miles from ktlx, and 89 miles from kfdr. That would make your broad weak "couplet" either 8k feet or 13k feet. Secondly, this area is far from rural. Every county road on the mile grid is lined with power lines. I know this because I've seen real tornadoes in this area on multiple days. If this was a large tornado, there would be damage in Hammon or somewhere along its supposed track, and I would probably be dead as I drove through the occlusion TWICE. There was not a single power flash, nor debris either time I was in/near it. I know you drove from Tennessee and you don't want to go home empty handed. I've been there. I've driven much farther and seen much less. An elevated weak couplet and a scuddy non-rotating wall cloud 10 miles away, over a hill does not constitute a tornado. If you aren't willing to accept a correction of your report from someone closer to the action, then it's obvious you are more interested in hitting your tornado count clicker than providing accurate information, in which case I would ask you to keep your reports to yourself. It's bad enough we have fire and police reporting every low cloud and dust whirl as a tornado. Bottom line, if you aren't sure, don't report it. Only report what you know.
+StormChaseTV We are on the same page. We have changed the title and the description to better reflect the truth of what we saw. Thank you for helping explain what you saw as it helps us be more accurate with our description. The number of tornadoes we see isn't so coveted that we cannot listen to reason, especially when you guys were UNDER the storm and had a better view of what was going on. Not to mention the point you make about how far up the beam would have been into the storm. I (Christian Johnson) do apologize for the misinformation and misunderstanding. There may have been a brief tornado in this storm, but our video does not clearly depict that scenario. Myself and the team will be more careful when addressing situations like this in the future. Thank you +StormChaseTV for pointing this out and helping us correct this issue.

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