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Weather jennings oklahoma Videos

Weather warnings aimed at smart phones

Winter Weather Landscapes and Nature

Sky shows severe weather chances today

This is a description of the sky this morning and how it shows severe weather potential.

Land Run 1889 OK Moments

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Texas Weather-Lets Go To Luckenbach

Tulsa, OOOOOklahoma

So every 2nd and 4th weekends we drive to Tulsa and back on Friday and then again on Sunday. Today, I took you all along. I've been getting a lot of questions ...

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I heard one of the weather guys say it as I X L. not ixyl.

Lightning strike I caught on dash cam at sunrise in Oklahoma.

Night Riding At OKC Motorsports Kx85 Gopro HD

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i think someone doesn't like hitting the power band lol
Nice vids ;D
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