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Keyes oklahoma weather Videos

Keyes, OK Hail 08-07-13

Video courtesy Mark Nickels. For more news from the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles and Eastern New Mexico, visit www.ConnectAmarillo.com.

O.K. Keyes is a Cinematographer (for Reenactress)

Keyes describes what working on the Reenactress documentary has been like as a cinematographer, having to become part of a reenactment camp in order to ...

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O.K. Keyes is awesome because I do remember seeing her on the field at both Gettysburg events for the 150, as I was running a quarter mile back and forth each way up and down the dismounted cavalry line doing my Hospital steward thing and thinking.. "man and I thought my job was hard." that equipment did not look light and appeared all manner of cumbersome

2010 May 31 Keyes Oklahoma Tornado

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@leporinis This video clip of the Keyes, OK tornado was shot between 0059Z to 0104Z on June 1, 2010. That equates to 6:59-7:04 pm MDT on May 31, 2010. The tornado roped out (dissipated) at 0105Z (7:05 pm MDT). I'm very confident of the time because I check my video clock against the official U.S. atomic clock.
@RobertPrentice Thank you for the information! We were so pleased with the Campo tornado that we left the storm before it produced this one. We probably should have stuck around!
Great video, Robert. What time was it taken? (I have yet to write up my report, so I'm looking for a bit more information on timing). Thanks.

storm chasing keyes oklahoma tornado 1 memomrial day

this tornado was actualliy occuring in extreme southern baca county colorado. this supercell has already produced many tornadoes up to this point and ...

storm chasing keyes oklahoma tornado 1 memomrial day part 2

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