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Okc ok weather channel 4 Videos

Wired 4 Weather - 1986 KTVY Promo

Originally recorded on VHS tape from KTVY, channel 4 in Oklahoma City, on May 8th, 1986.

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I do. I've been meaning to capture those, too. This promo aired later that night during the Letterman show. I have live segments from 4, 5 & 9 as they talked about the storm approaching and then the first video they got with damage. Some of the first video is really bad. I remember one live shot they used the headlight from the ENG truck to light the reporter! But I'll get around to uploading those fairly soon, I hope.
Are you sure you're not thinking of the new radar they just built by Moore a couple years back? As I receall, this radar was in the Noble area.
Didn't 4 move the radar back to OKC from Noble because it was missing stuff over OKC? That's what I heard anyway.
I Believe This Was A Video Clip Of KTVY-TV's News 4 Oklahoma's Wired 4 Weather Video Promo From May 1986.
Its either Moore or Noble. Still in the southwest part of the OKC area.
this is another radar, close to Moore.

Mike Morgan KFOR News Channel 4

Mike Morgan admits to being a weather nerd.
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