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Sw oklahoma weather Videos

SW Oklahoman Christmas Eve Snow

This was taken early afternoon, December 24th, 2009. The last white Christmas I remember experiencing was in 1989 and it wasn't anything like this.

User Comments

I live in Wilson Oklahoma and the cars are stuck we got a foot of snow at least cause it went up to my Knees and all the roads are closed and in the past 10 min there have been 16 recks I know this cause I have a scaner. Well Merry Christmas everybody and a happy new year
Spinning tires on snow is probably no different than people that spin their tires in the sand in the desert over here. Then they dig their tires deeper in and get stuck.
I was told we only get storms like this every 25 years or so. I have some pretty thick shoes, but not high enough. I'm wearing two pairs of socks.
Yeah, you've been SLACKING on posting videos. All that snow looks awesome - but very cccooolllddd!
I'm in Marietta, and this ruined my christmas, I miss my 60-70 degree christmas days lol.
Gotta like having snow on Christmas, though. :-)
awesome man
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